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HWF: Chaotic Ending To An Already Intense Show!

Photo courtesy of HWF

By Joshua Yoder

LEWISTOWN – The HWF certainly lived up to the name of their show because it was truly Madness at the Colosseum Saturday night.

And one of the biggest reasons for the intensity was the epic main event of the evening between Vam Williams and the HWF World champion James Ford. Now this was coming off the heels on the last HWF show where Williams was supposed to be suspended, jumped Ford after his match and stole the title.

Let’s just say Ford was looking to execute his rights to Castle Law and protect his property. It didn’t take him long to start the match as Ford dropped Williams right away.

The two went back and forth with one another giving their best shots. Then Williams went to the middle turnbuckle and was caught in mid-air by Ford who proceeded to lay down the Titan Fall on Williams. But Ford wanted to cause more harm to the challenger and went for a second Titan Fall but Williams hammered a low blow to cause a disqualification and then snuck away with the HWF Title again. Be sure that this rivalry is far from over.

Speaking of far from over, there was plenty of media chatter from a lot of wrestling fans of the potential match between the Sons of Mifflin County and the current HWF Tag Team champions Neverfall. Well, it looks as though the fans will get their wish as Neverfall completed another successful title defence against newcomers Isaiah Frazier and AK in a very grueling match.

The Sons called their shot and Neverfall was glad to give them an answer and on the next HWF show, May 11 as Neverfall will put the belts on the line against the Sons of Mifflin County.

But the SOMC did have a match themselves as they welcomed another new team as two of the three members of the debuting Amazing Trio The Top 1 Mr. Amazing and his tag partner Deacon Hayes. And to their credit, they were not afraid to get physical with the SOMC. But both TRK and RD Mosh managed to find “One In The Chamber” and put the newcomers away.

Now for the third member of the Amazing Trio as Taylor Brooks made her debut replacing Ashlan Shaw who refused to wrestling Angel Metro due to her distrust of the HWF management. Both Angel and Brooks made quite a great first impression as both ladies were going at it both inside as well as outside of the ring. But it was ultimately Angel Metro that came out on top. Many fans are looking forward to see what both ladies have to offer in the future.

Riot City’s Most Wanted was all over the card starting with Ron Holiday and Jason Drake competed against the Connel Broz. The young team of the Connel Broz showed a lot of growth but Riot City reminded them that they were one of the top tag teams in wrestling for a reason and made them Kiss the Pavement.

Sledge Gibson was looking to defend the HWF Xtreme Championship against four opponents in Sicend, Edward James, Robbie Paige and John Washington.

James and Paige started off the match before Paige scored the elimination on James. Then it was Sicend’s turn but again, it was Paige. But eventually the Wild Man ran out of steam as John Washington ended his run before the champ Gibson made his entrance into the match.

It looked as though Washington was going to lose to Gibson, that was until Big Philly showed up and distracted the official which allowed Washington to use the belt as a weapon on Sledge to steal the win. Afterwards Steve Steel came to the aid of Gibson and forced both Washington and Big Philly to retreat.

The PWX title was on the line as well as Arawn Conners went one on one with challenger O’Riley Chambers. Conners was able to retain the belt as he was trying to use the title as a weapon but the ref grabbed it but was pushed into Chambers for the win.

Get ready HWF fans as the next show will be on Saturday May 11.

Match Results

PWX Title Match

Arawn Conners (C) def. O’Riley Chambers

Tag Team Match

Riot City’s Most Wanted def. Connel Broz

5-Way Match for HWF Xtreme Championship

John Washington def. Sledge Gibson (c), Robbie Paige, Edward James and Sicend

Singles Match

Angel Metro def. Taylor Brooks

Tag Team Match

SOMC def. Top 1 Mr. Amazing/Deacon Hayes

HWF Tag Team Title Match

Neverfall (c) def. Isaiah Frazier/AK

HWF World Championship

James Ford (c) def. Vam Williams DQ

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