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Interview with Sons Of Mifflin County Part Three: Pit Chick Dani Lair

Photos courtesy of Mamma Dawn’s photography

By Joshua Yoder

LEWISTOWN – Last but certainly not least, we have our third and final interview with the SOMC and it is with the Pit Chick Dani Lair. Get to know her rise through the rankings and her experiences on the road. I appreciate the time Dani was able to give me for this interview. Enjoy part three.

JY: What got you into wrestling?

DL: Honestly seeing the behind the scenes stuff got me back into it. Just wanting to create and watching the Indy wrestling scene.

JY: What made you decide to wrestle?

DL: Being ring side is fun. But watching them wrestle made me want to jump in myself and see if I can handle it.

JY: How was training like?

DL: It’s rough. A lot of wear and tear on your body. As well as mental. It also helps with my stresses. Getting all the negative energy out.

JY: What has been your favorite part about wrestling?

DL: Honestly the family I got out of it. And pushing my body to the limit.

JY: What do you hope for the future?

DL: To break boundaries and take women’s wrestling on the Indies to a whole new level.

I hope you all enjoyed this three part series with the Sons of Mifflin County. I personally again would like to say thank you to all three members of the SOMC for their time. And you can see them again live at the Lewistown Community Center on May 11.

Until next time wrestling fans!

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