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Kratzer and Condo look forward to next step in life


By Dom Reed

LEWISTOWN – After High school, life is just another journey of a start to adult life in hope to do great things in life.

 These two young men Jacob Kratzer and Jerret Condo set their eyes on the future representing their country in the United States of America in the PA  Army National Guard.

 Jacob Kratzer Is The son of Alan and Maria Kratzer and a daughter Ava Kratzer of Lewistown Pa.

Jacob comes from a long line of Military family members His Father Alan Kratzer served in the Air Force.

His Paternal grandfather,Nelson Kratzer served in the Navy.

His Uncle,Brett Geibel, served in the Coast Guard, Kratzer’s Great Grandfathers and Grand Uncle served in the Army and National Guard. 

Jacob always knew he wanted to go to college in the last few years Kratzer decided it would be for something in the medical field specifically in Trauma/Emergency area.

Kratzer Sat down with the PA National Guard recruiter Sgt.David Condrack to explore all his career options and how the military could benefit Kratzer.

Kratzer would benefit in leadership to gaining skills that would help people in his community.

 Kratzer has always been a leader in many different ways on the football field and in his school.

 Kratzer is part of the Principles cabinet at the Mifflin County High School he is also a true leader on the football field too the way he goes his way Kratzer does everything thing he can to help his players and his coaches.

“I enlisted on February 23 2023 and all I remember is the pride of being able to serve in the armed forces as so many of my family members did.

“ said Jacob Kratzer. “told my family I wanted to join one week after i sat down with the recruiter at first it was just a option to further my career and help pay for my college but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to help the people of this country I chose to serve this great country under the Pennsylvania National Guard instead of active duty or another branch of the military because I feel that the conflicts we are dealing with domestically can not be necessarily helped by me serving overseas and the National Guard gives me the best opportunity  to help resolve some of those conflicts.”

The PA  Army National Guard was a good fit for his goals Kratzer took the ASVAB and was able to enlist as a combat medic with this training and experience.  will also help him prepare in the trauma medical field.

in February 2023 Kratzer enlisted as a Split-Op which means that he started Guard Drill right away. 

one weekend a month Kratzer went to basic Training during the summer of 2023 at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.

Kratzer Graduated August 24 2023 just a day before the first day of school of his final year of school as a senior.

MNext summer Following 2024 high school Graduation Kratzer will complete his ALT training and will be attending College at Lock Haven University in the Physician’s Assistant Program. 

Jacob Kratzer knew of Jerret Condo before going to basic training Kratzer became close friends with him.  Condo and Kratzer ended up in the same platoon at Fort Jackson. 

Jerret Condo currently plays Football for the Juniata Indians. Jacob Kratzer has played football for 13 years Kratzer is currently attending High school at Mifflin county High school and is a multi sport athlete Swimming and Football and Track and field.       

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