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Krunch parents praise coaches

Krunch Parent proud of team and coaching staff

Submitted by David Yeingst

As a parent of one of the daughters on this team I can say that we are truly blessed to be able to play with some of the best players/coaches in Central Pennsylvania. This is a Facebook post from head coach Steven Mumma after winning the USSSA “Red State Championship” yesterday, that I believe sums up what Krunch 10u is all about; “Krunch 10u has reached their second scheduled in season break and I have some observations: It’s hard to push 10-year olds both mentally and physically at practice, but we do it. It’s hard to see them tired from long practices and days with multiple games, but we push through it. It’s hard to see them fail when it means so much to them, but we try to help them learn. It’s hard to hold 10-year olds accountable, but we know it’s right. Nothing makes a 10-year old smile more than a state championship trophy that they workedd hard for. Tricia Hunt Fletcher, Allison Hartman, and Chad Paul are dedicated coaches who care about all our players. Krunch 10u parents have helped us create a culture of success. This is a team. Great things happen when we all work as one.”

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