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MIfflin County wrestlers perfect at Trojan Duals

What a way to start the season!

The MIfflin County wrestling team went a perfect 3-0 as they captured the Trojan Duals title this past weekend.

Victims to the Huskies talent were York Suburban, New Oxford and Chambersburg.

MIfflin County defeated York Suburban 58-12, New Oxford 43-25 and Chambersburg 39-27.

York Suburban vs. Mifflin County Hs @ Trojan Duals on 12/07/2019.

Mifflin County Hs (MCH) 58.0 York Suburban Hs (YSH) 12.0

At 113, Hunter Johnson (MCH) over Addison Barley (YSH) via a Fall at 0:55.

In the 126-pound class Derek Burk (MCH) took the win over Bryson Neidigh (YSH) (Inj. [time])

The Huskies won again at 145 as Ethan Kauffman blanked Dylan Leik by a major decision 9-0.

Jacob Cunningham picked up a forfeit win at 150.

At 160, Trey Shoemaker kept the winning coming as he pinned Kenneth Johnson at 1:24.

Defending state champion Trey Kibe picked up an easy forfeit at 170.

At 182, Brycen Hassinger battled and took a hard fought 3-1 win over Jamal Lewis.

Continuing the Huskies victories at 195 Jacob Krepps pinned Moustafa Elhasany at 1:30.

Jaxson Pupo also took home a win via a forfeit at 220.

Heavyweight Blaine Davis won a 7-2 decision over Nasier Spellman Rounding our the scoring was 106-pounder Nicholas Allison as he got a forfeit victory.

New Oxford vs. Mifflin County

Mifflin County Hs (MCH) 43.0 New Oxford Hs (NOH) 25.0

MIfflin County got its first win of the night against New Oxford at 126 pounds when Derek Burk muscled out a 3-1 victory over Travis Salisbury.

At 145, Ethan Kauffman notched a major decision over Logan Salisbury winning 16-5.

Trey Shoemaker moved to 2-0 in the tournament pinning John Ernst at 1:55 in the 160-pound weight class.

At 170, Kibe made quick work over Hunter Shaffer by a Fall in just 1:24. Krepps was again successful at 195 pinning Omar Figueroa at 1:43.

Pupo kept things rolling for MIfflin County as he held onto an 8-6 win over Dylan Smith.

At 285, Davis notched another win with a pin over Jake Bixler at 0:37.

Allison won at 106 with a pin over Trent Uhler at 0:30.

113: Hunter Johnson rounded things out at 113 pounds picking up an 11-4 decision over Cameron Herring.

Mifflin County vs. Chambersburg Area Hs @ Trojan Duals on 12/07/2019.

Mifflin County Hs (MCH) 39.0 Chambersburg Area Hs (CAH) 27.0

Starting at 106, Allison finished a perfect 3-0 record pinning Luke Mentzer at 5:49.

Hunter Johnson took the victory at 113 with an 8-2 decision over Rylan Carter.

At 126, Derek Burk earned a hard fought 7-2 win over Tyler Smith.

Kyler Everly topped Kelby Mixell by a 4-1 decision in the 138-pound weight class.

In the 145-pound weight class Ethan Kauffman pinned Ryder Davenport at 5:07 for the victory.

At 170, Kibe continued to roll picking up a 7-1 decision over Carson Mello.

182-pounder Brycen Hassinger pinned Mekhi Williams At 5:09.

195: Jacob Krepps at 195 won a 3-1 decision over Zach Evans.

285-pounder Blaine Davis ended things with a pin to Joey Fuller at 3:55.


York Suburban Hs vs. Mifflin County Hs @ Trojan Duals on 12/07/2019.

Mifflin County Hs (MCH) 58.0 York Suburban Hs (YSH) 12.0 113: Hunter Johnson (MCH) over Addison Barley (YSH) (Fall 0:55) 120: Zachary Emory (YSH) over Lucas Sheetz (MCH) (Fall 2:18) 126: Derek Burk (MCH) over Bryson Neidigh (YSH) (Inj. [time]) 132: Christopher Beaudoin (YSH) over Marshall Maidens (MCH) (Dec 6-2) 138: Noah Rice (YSH) over Kyler Everly (MCH) (Dec 5-3) 145: Ethan Kauffman (MCH) over Dylan Leik (YSH) (MD 9-0) 152: Jacob Cunningham (MCH) over (YSH) (For.) 160: Trey Shoemaker (MCH) over Kenneth Johnson (YSH) (Fall 1:24) 170: Trey Kibe (MCH) over (YSH) (For.) 182: Brycen Hassinger (MCH) over Jamal Lewis (YSH) (Dec 3-1) 195: Jacob Krepps (MCH) over Moustafa Elhasany (YSH) (Fall 1:30) 220: Jaxson Pupo (MCH) over (YSH) (For.) 285: Blaine Davis (MCH) over Nasier Spellman (YSH) (Dec 7-2) 106: Nicholas Allison (MCH) over (YSH) (For.)

New Oxford Hs vs. Mifflin County Hs @ Trojan Duals on 12/07/2019.

Mifflin County Hs (MCH) 43.0 New Oxford Hs (NOH) 25.0 120: Andrew Christie (NOH) over Lucas Sheetz (MCH) (Fall 2:38) 126: Derek Burk (MCH) over Travis Salisbury (NOH) (Dec 3-1) 132: Lance Beckner (NOH) over Marshall Maidens (MCH) (Fall 0:29) 138: Timothy Uhler (NOH) over Kyler Everly (MCH) (MD 8-0) 145: Ethan Kauffman (MCH) over Logan Salisbury (NOH) (MD 16-5) 152: Lane Nitchman (NOH) over Jacob Cunningham (MCH) (Fall 2:56) 160: Trey Shoemaker (MCH) over John Ernst (NOH) (Fall 1:55) 170: Trey Kibe (MCH) over Hunter Shaffer (NOH) (Fall 1:24) 182: Dylan Forbes (NOH) over Brycen Hassinger (MCH) (Dec 9-6) 195: Jacob Krepps (MCH) over Omar Figueroa (NOH) (Fall 1:43) 220: Jaxson Pupo (MCH) over Dylan Smith (NOH) (Dec 8-6) 285: Blaine Davis (MCH) over Jake Bixler (NOH) (Fall 0:37) 106: Nicholas Allison (MCH) over Trent Uhler (NOH) (Fall 0:30) 113: Hunter Johnson (MCH) over Cameron Herring (NOH) (Dec 11-4)

Mifflin County Hs vs. Chambersburg Area Hs @ Trojan Duals on 12/07/2019.

Mifflin County Hs (MCH) 39.0 Chambersburg Area Hs (CAH) 27.0 106: Nicholas Allison (MCH) over Luke Mentzer (CAH) (Fall 5:49) 113: Hunter Johnson (MCH) over Rylan Carter (CAH) (Dec 8-2) 120: Karl Shindledecker (CAH) over Lucas Sheetz (MCH) (TF 15-0 4:39) 126: Derek Burk (MCH) over Tyler Smith (CAH) (Dec 7-2) 132: Anthony Colangelo (CAH) over Marshall Maidens (MCH) (Fall 2:45) 138: Kyler Everly (MCH) over Kelby Mixell (CAH) (Dec 4-1) 145: Ethan Kauffman (MCH) over Ryder Davenport (CAH) (Fall 5:07) 152: Tate Nichter (CAH) over Jacob Cunningham (MCH) (Fall 0:42) 160: Luke Nichter (CAH) over Trey Shoemaker (MCH) (MD 14-5) 170: Trey Kibe (MCH) over Carson Mello (CAH) (Dec 7-1) 182: Brycen Hassinger (MCH) over Mekhi Williams (CAH) (Fall 5:09) 195: Jacob Krepps (MCH) over Zach Evans (CAH) (Dec 3-1) 220: Wyatt Hull (CAH) over Jaxson Pupo (MCH) (Fall 2:10) 285: Blaine Davis (MCH) over Joey Fuller (CAH) (Fall 3:55)

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