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One on One: Interview with Jessa Wright

Editors note: Recently, editor Kenny Varner sat down and interviewed Mt. Aloysius sharpshooter and rebounder Jessa Wright. Wright was a former member of the Mifflin County Huskies girls basketball team.

KV: What was it like to go from high school to playing for Mt.Aloysius? It looked like you made an easy transition.

JW: Yeah, I think playing in a Quad-A school and playing in the Mid-Penn and playing against teams like Cumberland Valley made a good transition. It really got me prepared for college. The only thing that was really different was the practice style. We do a lot more running and drills in the first week then it got better.

KV: How did the styles from what you ran in high school to what your playing now differ?

JW: We don’t really use the post a lot like we should because we have a lot of players who can shoot the three pretty well so our offense revolves around the three-point line. We only have like two or three post players so if their in the post we give them the ball but most of the time we shoot around the three-point line or driving the ball.

KV: You have really done well on the boards as well. How was the adjustment of being one of the team’s top rebounders as well as one of the leading scorers?

JW: Well coach always says when we are doing scouts, the team’s are lazy at rebounding and so I challenge myself to get in there and get the boards no matter what’s in there, good or bad.

KV: How’s the team been looking so far this year?

JW: We’re doing pretty good now. We hit a rough patch when we started losing a lot early on but then we picked it back up and I think we are playing the best basketball we’ve had all year so far.

KV: Are you guys looking to make a post season run?

JW: I think we are now a lock for the playoffs since we won our last game. So I think we are in fifth place right now but we still have more games to play. But yes, I think we can make a strong post season run. Especially in the first round.

KV: How has the competition been in the league?

JW: I think our conference is always competitive, our coach tells us that on any given night anybody can beat anybody. So that’s how our conference goes and that’s how we look at it every night we go onto the floor. We pulled out a win against the second best team in the conference.

KV: It seems like every home game you have a nice fan base of family and friends. How does it feel to have your family come up and cheer you on and route for you?

JW: It means the world to me. It’s great having everyone up in the stands. The one game I had about almost 15-20 family members there. That game was awesome because to see all the support and love they showed me e en throughout high school and college.

KV: What is your major in college?

JW: I am a physical therapy assistant major.

KV: What are your goals for next year?

JW: I want graduate with good grades, obviously and for basketball I just want to be the best I can be and give my all every game.

KV: What advice would you give to someone starting out in basketball?

JW: I would say to get in the gym as much as you possibly can, work as hard as you can every chance that you get so whenever if and when you make it to college you will be ready.

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