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One on One: Special Olympian athlete Bobby Fisher

One on One with Special Olympian legend Bobby Fisher.

Editor’s note – Recently, we caught up with longtime special Olympian Bobby Fisher to see what he’s been doing now in a career that has spawned since grade school.

HS: So how’s things been going since you retired from football?

BF: Good. It’s been good I retired after eight years. It was something I always wanted to do was play football.

HS: I understand you are added  swimming to your long list of sports?

BF: I got a bronze medal and that was the first medal I ever got for swimming. It felt pretty good to swim because I’m excited about everything I can do now.

HS: You are a very busy man and you are involved in a lot of sports. I understand you are in Bocce too?

BF: Yes, that is correct.

HS: Do you have a lot of fun?

BF: It’s very fun. It’s just as fun as bowling.

HS: So you bowl as well?

BF: Yes, we actually have already started our season.

HS: so you’re keeping busy in the off season from swimming?

BF: Yes.

HS: So looking down the road. Do you think you would like to coach someday?

BF: It’s always been a dream of mine to coach. I would like to do that or become a professional athlete someday?

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