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Port Royal Speedway Welcomes Reverend Doug Mellott as Chaplain of The Speed Palace

By Brad Strawser

Port Royal Speedway would like to welcome and introduce Reverend Doug Mellott as the official chaplain of the race track for the 2024 season.

Mellott is a resident of East Salem Pennsylvania just a little over 15 minutes away from the speedway where he serves the East Salem Community Church and Otterbein Global Methodist Church as well as he is the Emergency Chaplain with the Delaware Township Fire Company of East Salem.

He graduated from Penn State University in 2018 and in 2020 graduated from the United Theological Seminar of Dayton, Ohio. He also is a United States Army veteran.

Mellott is a lover of all things racing, enjoys spending time with his family and friends, is a volunteer with the local fire company and will follow God’s calling wherever it leads him.

The Speed Palace is proud to have Reverend Doug Mellott onboard for the 2024 season and keeping the Lord at the center of all activities at Port Royal Speedway not just for 2024 but at all times.

Article Credit: Brad Strawser

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