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Reedsville take Major League softball titl.

YEAGERTOWN – Never under estimate the true heart of a champion.
The Reedsville girls softball team proved that when you never tell an outcome of a game just by looking at wins and losses.
It was the night all the Mifflin County Major League teams softball teams had marked on their calender. It was the weekend that would decide who would make and win the crown jewel in their sport, the Super Series.
This year it would be the previously ranked first place Strodes Mills team against up-and-comer Reedsville for the game that would decide who would wind up with gold and who would get silver.
Juliana Hartzler, Reedsville pitcher, pitched well.
Earlier in the season, Strodes had beaten Reedsville in regular season but last nights game didn’t quite go their way.
It was a fabulous season for Strodes Majors, with only one loss, their first game, They went into the Super Series as the top seed. It was a game which got rescheduled twice.
Strodes played single elimination on Sunday at 5 against Yeagertown and won that first game.
Then they battled Reedsville at 7:30 under the lights at Meadow field as both teams battled hard but Strodes Mills lost it and fell in the final 13-8.
It was tough ending such a great season on that note, according to a Strodes fan. “We had to pull a girl from our minors due to a vacation of a player, she stepped up and battled hard with them. Tough spot for an 8 year old! , said the fan. “We battled all season with just nine awesome girls. Very proud of our team- most of them have been playing together since First grade. We are family.”
It was a great comeback to end the season as champions for Reedsville.
But as both teams walked off the field, they walked out both as winners and the friendships that were temporarily halted for the game ended.

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