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Spreading The Love! 7MW Wrestling

Photo by Bob Hockenbrock
By Joshua Yoder
LEWISTOWN – With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, the wrestlers wanted to bring love to the fans of Seven Mountains Wrestling some love. And that was the love of violence over at the Sharon Stuck Arena Saturday Night.
The show started with BJ Walker coming out to the ring and showed no love at all to the 7MW fans. He demanded a shot at the 7MW Championship. However, Malcolm King then came out and laid his claim at having a title opportunity.
Both men were unwilling to back down with their claims and it was only going to get more intense as the leader of Truth Serum, Aaron Truth jumped into the already hot fire and said that he was the true contender for the heavyweight title.
And that ended up creating the main event of the evening as all three men brought the love to one another. And by that I mean smash each other with weapons as the match was nothing more than pure chaos that included multiple referees, a ton of interference, but ultimately it was Walker who prevailed.
The creepy duo of Haines and Dexter Bates were making their presence felt throughout the show starting with Haines’ singles match with Jeminez He Menace that ended by DQ after Bates had thrown in a weapon into the ring while the ref was distracted. But Jeminez grabbed it and hammered Haines, but when he went for the pin, the official saw the weapon in his hand and quickly ended the match.
However, they were not as lucky in their next match as Bates went one on one with Colby Conrad who was dealing with an injury after the shocking betrayal by his friend Zeno earlier in the show. But despite the injury, Conrad took advantage as Haines threw in the weapon but unlike the last time, it backfired as Conrad scored the win.
The trio of King Kahula and the father-son team of Tyler Symz and Ky Thomas were also making name for themselves throughout the show starting with Kahula getting the win over Zeno. But then Thomas had a singles match with Adrian Bliss that ended up in a no contest.
But there was more to come as Bliss joined forces with the King of Hardcore Rob Noxious as they took on Symz and Thomas in one of the most violence tag matches in company history. Then Kahula made his appearance and blasted both Rob and Bliss which allowed his Symz and Thomas to score the pin.
Afterwards the brawl continued between the two teams but left Thomas all alone in the ring. All of a sudden, Mal Havok made his return to 7MW and flattened Thomas to the roar of the crowd.
J-Kat and Mr. Grim had themselves a hard hitting match that kicked off the show. But despite the massive size disadvantage, J-Kat continued to show why he is one of the top contenders of Seven Mountains Wrestling.
Brother Rakim scored a major victory over Evan Atlas thanks in large part due to the interference of his Truth Serum teammates.
Seven Mountains will be back in Lewistown on May 4th.

Match Results
Singles Match
J-Kat def. Mr. Grim, Pin
Singles Match
Haines def. Jeminez He Menace, DQ
Singles Match
King Kahula def. Zeno, Pin
Singles Match
Ky Thomas vs Adrian Bliss, No Contest
Singles Match
Colby Conrad def. Dexter Bates, Pin
Singles Match
Brother Rakim def. Evan Atlas, Pin
Tag Team Match
Tyler Symz/Ky Thomas def. Rob Noxious/Adrian Bliss, Pin
Number One Contender Triple Threat Match for 7MW World Title
BJ Walker def. Malcolm King and Aaron Truth, Pin

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