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Sweet dreams are made of this

What a day to cover your first Penn State bowl game.
Growing up a huge Nittany Lions fan and New York Yankees fan, I was like a kid in the when I got my credentials approved for both myself and my longtime friend photographer John Espigh.
Just being a smaller media outlet than most, we were only able to drive up before and back after the game.
In its first bowl appearance since the NCAA sanctions, the Nittany LIons proved with only 41 scholarship players that they had heart and determination to prove that once again that they could overcome adversity.
Getting there to watch the game, we got to the legendary stadium at 10:30 and stood on the parking garage roof looking over the city and at the stadium. As we were there, it felt like we were back at Beaver Stadium as fans that beat us there were already tailgating.
Seeing the numerous Penn State fans made it so easier to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.
After a few hours of taking typical tourist photos, we walked across the street and stood in front of the Mecca of Major League Baseball. The stadium stood taller and more breathtaking than I thought following the Yankees in the 70s, 80, and 90s.
Walking in the press area was unbelievable, seeing press members like Jack Ham, Matt Millen and other legendary announcers.
For the Pinstripe Bowl, we got a special treat for covering from the bowl organizers. This is all before we got to go to our seats to watch the teams and bands warm up.
As we reached the open air press box, I stood in awe watching how the field crew transformed the baseball stadium into a football field. Amazing is not even the word for it.
Looking around, I took photos of the legendary scoreboards and outfield advertising.
I was a 10-year old again staring at the hallowed hall. This was before the game even started. I was awestruck as I looked around the entire stadium.
Time seemed to fly by as I sat in the press area where many big name writer have sat. As I sat there, all I could wonder is how did I get so lucky to get here. That was before the game even started.
As the game got underway, it was just like covering the numerous other PSU games I have had in the past but at times I got a realization and butterflies that I was covering them in Yankee Stadium.
It was also one of the most exciting games I have ever covered for Penn STate since the big OHio STate home game. Years ago.
It was sad after the game was over and the celebration on the field dwindled to know my day was officially over.
But in the end, I realized that I. Life sometimes dreams really do come true.

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