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Thank you Penn State for all the memories

Dear Readers,
I would like to thank Penn State football for all the seasons credentials I have gotten since the beginning of our magazine’s creation.
In the past 10 years we have gotten a season credential every year but unfortunately, this year we have not been so lucky.
Due to numerous illnesses I have had in the past few years my attendance was sparse because of it.
So this year, we are not provided the opportunity to go.
But in the past, the athletic department has provided us and our readers many numerous memories.
Biggest and best was the chance for myself and photographer John Espigh were able to attend a Penn State Bowl game against Boston College in the New Era Bowl game that the Nittany Lions were back after the Bowl ban by the NCAA.
We had the chance to cover Joe Paterno, Bill O’Brien and present coach James Franklin and some very historical moments in the legacy of Penn State football.
We were there to watch Saquon Barkley and his exciting running style.
Saw Matt McGloin go from an average quarterback to an outstanding signal caller under O’Brien.
And who can forget the great games against Ohio State, Michigan, Iowa and Maryland!!
My biggest thrill was having Coach Paterno say hi to me by name at a media session early on in the magazine’s infancy.
As a writer for the County Observer, I was taking pictures on the sideline in the Michigan State senior night game when Larry Johnson topped the 2,000 yard mark in rushing.
It was a great run but I’m afraid that after this season we will never get another shot at season credentials because of the popularity of the team and us being a three-County small magazine company. Also with last year’s success, all the other major news agencies will be there in our place.
But the ride has been a fun one so thank you Penn State for the memories and hopefully some day we can get back to cover on a normal basis again.
Kenny Varner

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