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Thank you Trent!; Hidlay inspired a whole community in his wrestling career

Congratulations to former Mifflin County PIAA State Champion and Two time NCAA finalist N.C.State wrestler Trent Hidlay.

It’s been quite the ride that you gave us, your fans, throughout your high school and college career.

Through your journey you have taken not only yourself but a whole community on a historic time that will probably NEVER be forgotten.

Thank you for all you have done on and off the mat and never forgetting your hometown and all your fans and well wishers.

You are a class act and you are such a great role model for younger wrestlers to follow.

I know you might not got the results you wanted tonight but when the hurt goes away step back and look how far you have come from your elementary wrestling days and how many lives you have positively effected in your wrestling career.

We are proud of you!!!! You will always be a champion!!

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