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Thunder rumbles in Mifflin County

By Kenny Varner


LEWISTOWN – Smiles took center stage at the Mifflin County High School gymnasium last Friday night as the Burnham Bulldogs Special Athletes football team hosted the second annual Spring match up against the Mifflin County/ Juniata Thunder special athletes basketball team met up with the Naylor and Associates girls basketball team for a night of fun.

With a big crowd of fans, the two teams raised over $573.00 in donations that went to the Burnham Bulldogs Special Athletes. $500 of that came in the form of a donation from Rex Naylor and family.

During the halftime, the Mifflin County Indoor Guard performed successfully and wowed the crowd.

After a close contest, the Thunder came out victorious as Mifflin Counties’ Bobby “Hollywood” Fisher led all scorers with a 21-point effort. Teammate Walter “The Rocket” Snyder chipped in with 15. Teammate Zach Van Horn finished with a double-double posting 10 points with 10 rebounds in the victory. Willie Reed also scored 10 in the 72-56 victory.

Point guard, Tracy Woy distributed the ball well finishing the game with 15 assists.

Mifflin County was led emotionally by the emotional leader of the team, David Fye, who kept his team motivated by his “never quit attitude on the court.

Playing center for the victors was Erin Pyle. Pyle ran the court effectively as well finishing the break and collecting numerous rebounds.

All the players on the Thunder team finished the game with at least a bucket, they were; Bobby Rexroth, Gretchen Wilhelm, Drew Shank, Scott Snook and Olivia Fisher.

Players from the Naylor team also had the three-point game going as they kept pace in the contest for most of the game.

The Thunder got off to a strong start when “Hollywood” Fisher hit his first 2-of-3 triples of the game as did teammate Snyder.

For most of the game the Thunder had the outside shot working. When it wasn’t, Van Horn and Pyle along with Woy pulled down second and third offensive boards finishing in Thunder buckets.

But the sportsmanship and friendships that this game brought was worth more than who won or lost. It was a night where Mifflin County all came together as one big family and celebrated its success on both sides of the court.

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