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Trick Or Treat; HWF lights up the night!

Photo courtesy of HWF
By Joshua Yoder
LEWISTOWN – As we all prepare for a night of frights, the wrestlers of the HWF presented the people with another amazing show in the Colosseum called Nightmare at the Colosseum II this past Saturday night.
One of the feature matches of the evening was the HWF World Championship bout between the Challenger Andrew Loveless taking on the Titan James Ford.
Now prior to the main event, Ford came out and addressed the crowd. Ford wanted to make it perfectly clear about how dominate he has been since becoming the HWF World champ and promised that it was going to end anytime soon and that Loveless was going to be just another victim.
But despite being a huge underdog coming into this match, Loveless showed the fans as well as Ford that he was not afraid. In fact, Loveless showcased an aggressive style of offense early on the match before Ford started to overpower him.
However, Loveless was down, but he certainly was not out as he continued to battle despite facing heavy shots from the champion Ford. Then Loveless stunned the ground by managing to put the massive Ford on his shoulders and dropped him with a Samoan drop and scored a three count.
Unfortunately for Loveless, the official made an error and missed the simple fact that Ford’s foot was underneath the ropes. A fact that Jason Havoc was more than happy to point out and had the match restarted.
To Loveless’ credit, he remained focus on the task at hand and quickly jumped on Ford. At point, Loveless caught Ford in an armbar and it appeared as though Ford was going to tap. But the champion reminded everybody why he is the champ as Ford muscled Loveless into the air and blasted him with the Titan Fall to remain the HWF World champion.
That was not the only intense match of the night as there was a little score to settle between two of the biggest factions in HWF history as the Sons of Mifflin County took on Riot City’s Most Wanted in a six man tag team war.
This match was a long time coming as it all started from the previous show where Riot City jumped the SOMC backstage and assaulted them including the Pit Chick. The only problem was it was three on two which forced both TRK and RD Mosh to recruit long time Mifflin County wrestler Edward James to join their fight against the trio of Sicend, Ron Holiday and Jason Drake.
And a fight it was with the crowd refusing to sit down throughout the whole match with dives to the floor and both teams showcasing incredible teamwork. But as time when on, things were becoming more and more intense.
It had gotten so bad that chaos ensued thanks to Mack who was an original member of Riot City as well as Chuck Silks coming to aid his friends which forced the referee to call for the bell for a Double DQ.
However within the chaos, a shocking development had occurred as the President of Wrestling Phil Stamper had snuck into the ring and jumped Mosh from behind and not only choked him out, but pulled out a pair of scissors and some of Mosh’s Mohawk off.
History was also made for HWF as for the first time, there was a women’s match as the Pit Chick went one-on-one with Ashlan Shaw.
If anyone was checking out the HWF facebook page, there were plenty of videos where it had appeared as though Shaw had gotten into the head of Pit Chick. It didn’t change as much during their match either as Shaw continued to torment Pit Chick.
But Pit Chick stood her ground and played a little possum to an over confident Shaw and caught her off guard with a schoolboy for the win.
The HWF Tag Team titles were also on the line as fan favorite duo of Zack Rayne and Jon Rodin aka Neverfall decided their championships again DJ and Ace, the Conell Broz. The contest feature heavy striking from both teams as they figuratively and literally made their marks in the match. But it was ultimately Neverfall who came out on top.
The on-going rivalry between John Washington and Steve Steel continued during the show as Commissioner Trista Silks and Havoc came into the ring and announced that Steel was going to be signed to HWF which did not sit well with Washington who verbally assaulted Steel which later came back to bite him during his match with Derek Wayne which ended in a DQ before getting into a brawl with Steel that forced the whole locker room out to break it up.
It should be noted that also during the Steel contract signing, that there was tension between Trista and Havoc due to the recent issues within the company. But both parties did agree that it would be best if Havoc stayed away from the Sons of Mifflin County.
The HWF Extreme title was on the line as well as the Wild Man Robbie Paige defended against Sledge Gibson in a chain wrestling classic. Both combatants showed true passion and honor for the most of the match. Sadly for the HWF faithful, it did not end that way as Gibson was face down on the mat while Paige was heading up to finish him off. The problem Big Philly ER stormed through the crowd and knocked Paige off the top rope before retreating.
Gibson slowly got up completely unaware of what had just happened and hammered Paige with a beautiful sit down power bomb to become the new HWF Extreme champion.
Afterwards, Big Philly tried to attack Paige again but the Wild Man fought him off with some help from Chill Will ending with Paige warning Philly that this was far from over.
On a more wholesome note, a very special moment happened during the show as HWF announced their first ever inductee into the hall of fame in Rayic Scott. Scott was there in the beginning and due to an undisclosed medic issue, Scott had to retire from the ring. However, Scott has continued to be a part of the HWF. With tears in his eyes, Scott thanked the fans for their continued support and will always be thankful to his family.
Hope to everyone out there enjoyed the show, until next time wrestling fans.

Match Results
HWF Extreme Title
Sledge Gibson def. Robbie Paige (C), Pinfall
Singles Match
Derek Wayne def. John Washington, DQ
HWF Tag Team Championship
Neverfall (C) def. Conell Broz, Pinfall
Singles Match
Pit Chick def. Ashlan Shaw, Pinfall
Six Man Warfare
Sons of Mifflin County vs Riot City’s Most Wanted, Double DQ
HWF World Heavyweight Championship
James Ford (C) def. Andrew Loveless, Pinfall

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