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Up close: Interview with Logan Snyder

Editors note -Recently, Kenny Varner sat down with former Lewistown/ Mifflin County sharpshooter and current Shippensburg guard senior Logan Snyder and talked about her recent milestone, hitting the 1,000-point mark.

K: How did it feel to reach the 1,000 point mark for the second time in your basketball career?
LS:It was amazing! I was standing there at the foul line when I made the shot. It was like a dig of relief when it went in. I couldn’t have done it without my teammates, my family and my coaches. They helped pushed me to to put in the hard work to get to this point.
K: Which 1,000 point mark was more special? High Schools or College?
LS: Both were special in their own way. In high school I was coming off an injury and I didn’t think I would make it to get 1,000 points. I was just happy to be back with the team and celebrate it with my best friend who also hit 1,000.
In college, I came in the same way I wasn’t 100 percent when I came in to college as a freshman.
K: Your team is at 11-5 so far this season. How has things been going on the court for you and your team?
LS:We started off strong to start the year until we started to play against the PSAC West where we had some trouble but when we started to play the East we went back to playing like a team. We really started to come together as family. We are now taking it game by game. We have been still playing like a team. We have a group of seniors and we are just staying in the moment and making the best of it.
K: How fast has you college career been?
LS: It’s been a fast four years. When I was a freshman one of the seniors on that team told me in a blink of an eye your four years fly by like no other. I saw her recently and told her she was so right.
K: What are you majoring in?
LS: I’m doing a Double major- in marketing and management.
K: Do you stop and think about what life is going to be like after graduation?
LS:I think about it on a daily basis. The plan is to have my own business. I’m not sure what but maybe landscaping/greenhouses. I’m an outdoorsy-type person. But I think often about having my own business someday.

K: What advice would you give to a youngster just starting out in basketball?

LS: Have fun and live in the moment and give it all you have. The years you have fly by . I look back and have so many precious memories. Just remember to also have fun with it.

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