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Mifflin County lacrosse on the rise

Photos courtesy of Jennifer Knepp McCarter/MC boys lacrosse

Lacrosse continues to grow in MIfflin County.

This season, the MIfflin County its lacrosse team had some very strong signature wins.

Wednesday was one of those..

MIfflin County notched a potentially team building win by the Huskies as the team went up against rival Bellefonte winning 15-11!!!!  The Huskies have come a long way, ending the season with this huge win was a culminating moment!!!!

The win against the Red Raiders was their first win over Bellefonte finishing with 5 total wins and beating four different teams this season.

Another strong win was a victory over lacrosse powerhouse Danville.

In the Red Raiders game, Mifflin County were led by Dreyson Weaver (6 goals, 2 assists), Vann Rogers  (2 goals, 7 assists), Dodger Weaver (3 goals), Garrett Miller (2 goals), Gavin Knode (2 goals, 1 assist).

Goalie Alex Snyder had 17 saves in goal for MIfflin County.

Attention future Mifflin County opponents, Lacrosse is growing in Mifflin County!

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