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One on one interview with 7MW Wrestler: Brother Rakim

By Joshua Yoder
LEWISTOWN – Hello wrestling fans! We have ourselves another amazing interview for all of you! This time it is with 7MW wrestler and a member of the group Truth Serum, Brother Rakim! Get to know the man behind the character and what inspire him to become a pro wrestler. I would also like to thank him for taking the time to do this interview. Enjoy!

JY: Who is your favorite wrestler and why?
BR: As a kid, Hulk Hogan was my favorite wrestler, he was the guy that made me take interest in pro wrestling.
JY: What was your first wrestling match like?
BR: I was terrified to wrestle. I was worried about if I was too chubby to wrestle with my shirt off.
JY: What do you love most about professional wrestling?
BR: It is fun a very healthy outlet for your mind, body and soul.
JY: What has been your favorite moment in wrestling so far?
BR: Winning my first Heavyweight championship.
JY: What would you say to any fan who would like to become a pro wrestler?
BR: Take time and find a school that you wouldn’t mind training at. Training is long and it takes time to perfect your skills.
I hope you all enjoyed this little interview with Brother Rakim and I again appreciate his time to do this interview. But do not worry wrestling fans! There will be plenty more to come. You can see Brother Rakim and the rest of the 7MW wrestling in the near future. But if you would like to see Brother Rakim in action, you can catch him along with Aaron Truth as they are set for action on May 18 at Vonie B. Grimes Gym at 125 E College Ave, York Pa for the Animal House event.
Until next time wrestling fans!

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