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‘Battle for Terrace’ proves CPW rules!!

DSCF4721 DSCF4753 DSCF4756 DSCF4784 DSCF4816 DSCF4785 DSCF5030 DSCF5080 DSCF4874 DSCF4885 DSCF5042 DSCF4807 DSCF4795 DSCF4865 DSCF4911 chuck silks in the air DSCF4819 DSCF4932 DSCF4942 DSCF5027 DSCF4974 DSCF5028It was the handshake heard all around Mifflin County as James “The Bulldog” Dylan and Rob Noxious shook hands and buried their bitter feelings for each other and teamed up to take sides against the 80’s team.

That was the same 80’s team that earlier in the evening attacked the Bulldog during his and Noxious’ tag match against the Silks brothers for the battle of the Terrace.

Celebrating its fourth year anniversary it was just a small sample of the all-star card on an epic night of Central Pennsylvania Wrestling. The matches were held at the Brooklyn Fire Company.

Eight classic matches took place as former WWE superstars lined the card as Manu, whose father was half of the tag team legend Wild Samoans and the Patriot. Both picked up early victories in the evening. Before leaving the building after his match, Manu donated his earnings from the match and Diamond Dallas Page added $1,000 to the victims of the Juniata Terrace whose houses were burned early in the year.

Fans knew early on that they were going to have an experience like they have never seen locally when the Silks Brothers (Matt and Chuck) drove up to the venue “styling and profiling” in a long white stretch limo.

Not to be outdone, just minutes later, the Patriots and Dylan came with sirens blaring as they arrived in the Brooklyn’s own fire truck.

Opening the event on the night, Manu made quick work of his opponent. Out to congratulate the mighty Samoan were TRK Silks and Bulldog.

Bulldog and Silks came out and got the ‘Die Hard’ CPW fans fired up.

Mission accomplished.

However, the festivities were to be a brief one as Ox Hogg  came out to present a challenge to the Heavyweight title holder. Never ducking a challenge, Bulldog agreed and the battle began.

Hogg distracted Dylan just long enough to take his eye off the entrance door when Mikey Wrath attacked the Bulldog from behind. Scooting out of the ring unnoticed, Wrath disappeared and Hogg slid in and got the cover 1-2-3.

But being the boss has its privileges as Dylan called for Hogg to defend his title in the main event of the evening.

Bulldog called for a triple threat match with the opponents being Wrath and former champion the Cremator.

In the second match of the night, the fans were betting on black. High Voltage, Mark Mest and Rockin Rebel took care of their opponents in quick fashion.

The Patriot led the third match of the night. Before heading into the match, the former WWE wrestler handed out flags to the youngsters at ringside.

With the win, the fans were ready for the last match before the intermission. They got what they were waiting for –The battle for the Terrace.

Noxious came out to his normal jeers from the fans and slowly walked to the ring.

The fans then jumped out of their seats with cheers for their idol when the Bulldog took to the squared circle. As the two former adversaries lined up shared glances it was the Silks brothers time to make their much anticipated return to the ring.

As both teams battled back and forth with each team showing their talents and signature moves. While the battled ensued, the 80’s team snuck into the ring and started to work on the Bulldog.

‘J’ Money and Petey Noxious held Bulldog on each side, looking like they were setting Rob Noxious up to hit Dylan with a chair. They would only be half right as the elder Noxious picked up a chair and swung away at…..son Petey.

To the disbelief of the fans and the 80’s team, Noxious had the 80’s team squirming out of the ring and into the stands.

Rob Noxious announced his dismay and challenged the tag team title holders to a title tilt with new partner…Bulldog. He also stated that he wanted TRK Silks as guest referee. The younger team, reluctantly agreed.

In that match, it was more than a war than a match as the combo of Noxious and Dylan gelled nicely and held an early advantage until the tag champs went to their usual bag of tricks and sprayed an unsuspecting Silks with hair spray, temporarily blinding the high flyer. Thinking he was grabbing one of the 80’s Team while blinded, Silks accidentally TRK’ed Bulldog. With Dylan out on the mat, the 80’s team went into the ring for the cover. Still blind from the spray, Silks counted three and gave the win to the tag team champs.

However, the decision was reversed when Rob came over with one of the 80’s team member’s vests and pulled out the spray. Now with his sight coming back, Silks changed his decision, disqualifying the champs in the process.

In the main event, Hogg and Wrath opened up the match with a double team on the phenom known as the Creamator.

The Creamator took pounding after pounding after pounding but came back and continued to battle.

With a little help from Wrath’s sidekick from outside the ring, the Creamator was able to capture the title back and ended the night as the new CPW champion.

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