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BEA wins this year’s version of the Curtin Bowl

WINGATE – For almost four quarters, this year’s edition of the Centre County Curtin Bowl was a nail biter as both Bald Eagle Area and Philipsburg-Osceola defenses took center stage.
Ironically, it would be the defense that would score the first touchdown of the game when Cole Robinson recovered a Philipsburg fumble in the end zone, taking a 6-0 advantage as the game went into its final stanza.
In the end, the Eagles were victorious taking the 14-0 victory, their first of the season.
With the fourth quarter touchdown, the Eagles ended a six quarter scoring drought.
Unfortunately for the Mounties, they still are in search for its first win of the season.
Offensively, the Eagles moved the ball well inside the 20s very smoothly going on long offensive drives.
However, the Mounties came up with the big stop on defense when they needed it.
Bald Eagles’ defense sacked quarterback Jake Anderson six times and forced him to throw three pics on the afternoon as well as fumbling the ball in the end zone.
After a scoreless first half, the Eagles defense made the play of the game as the third period started to wind down. With 2:07 left and their backs to their own end zone, the Mounties weren’t able to keep the Eagles from blitzing and on the blitz the ball squirted loose and Robinson dove on the ball for the score. However, the PAT was unsuccessful but the Eagles still held a 6-0 advantage.
After holding the Mounties at bay on the following possession, Bald Eagle drove the ball down the field on its second drive of the final stanza.
Relying mostly on its running game, BEA drove down the field going on. A 12-play 6-minute drive culminating in a Elliot Peters 12-yard run.
The Eagles tried a 2-point conversion when quarterback Tanner Kresovich called his own number and battled his way into the end zone for the 2-points, leading to a 14-0 lead.
The Eagle defense clamped down on the Mounties in the final 1:32 and took home the victory.

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