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Beeler set to play D1 field hockey at Central Michigan

Editor’s note: Kenny Varner recently had a chance to talk to the Huskies stand out goalie Coletta Beeler. We talked to her about her highs school career, her signing to D1 Central Michigan field hockey team and more.

HS:Congratulations on signing with Central Michigan! What made you select them?

CB: I chose Central Michigan because I just loved the campus and how the team felt like a second family to me.

HS: What other schools were you interested in?

CB: I was interested in a few other schools like Lock Haven, Saint Francis, and Bryn Mawr.

HS: What will you major in?

CB: I keep going back and forth between wanting to major in Communication Studies or Math Education.

HS: At what age did you start playing field hockey?

CB: I started playing field hockey when I was 10 during the indoor clinics. I didn’t start playing goalie until I was 13, though.

HS: Who got you interested in the sport?

CB: My mom had signed me up for the indoor clinics even though I didn’t really want to. Turns out, she ended up being right with me liking the sport.

HS: What was it like playing for the Huskies and how fast did the time fly for you?

CB: Playing for the huskies got me interested in playing field hockey more, which is why I wanted to take it to the next level. Now that I’m about to start the next chapter, I look back and it feels like just yesterday I was a freshman about to start my first high school preseason.

HS: What has been your favorite memory in your field hockey career?

CB: My favorite memory has to be beating Central Dauphin 2-0 on our home field. It felt amazing coming off the field with a shut out against such a strong team.

HS : After college, what goals have you set for your self?

CB: My main goal is to stick with field hockey even after I graduate college, whether that be coaching, reffing, or playing in a women’s league somewhere.

HS: What position will you be playing at the next level ?

CB: I will be playing as goalie.

HS: What position did you play in high school?

CB: I played goalie all through my high school career. Although, I did find myself in a field uniform once during a jv game my junior year.

HS: What advice would you give to younger players just getting started in playing field hockey

CB: To any girls starting to play field hockey, have as much fun as you can. To any girls who want to play at the next level, be proactive and start looking at colleges early. Don’t be afraid to get out there.

HS: What are your expectations of your freshman year? 

CB: I am hoping to see some playing time as a freshman. I’m also hoping to win a MAC Championship, even if it isn’t my freshman year.

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