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Bring out the Brooms! Lady Huskies sweep Altoona

Bring out the brooms!

Offensively, the MIfflin County bats were on fire Wednesday as the softball team outscored Altoona 18-1 and 10-0 in double dip action.

Falynn Reinard picked a special way of tallying her first varsity home run. Reinard crushed a grand slam in game one, helping her team defeat the Lady Mountain Lions 18-1. She wasn’t the only Husky to go yard as teammates Dakota Hershberger and Arika Henry also rounded the bases with just one swing.

Henry and Reinard both tallied four RBIs.

Mifflin County had 18 hits to go with its 18 runs.

Posting multiple hits were Riley Hine, Henry, Reinard and Alaina Sharp.

Picking up the win in the first game was Piper Specht. Specht allowed only one run and one hit in the win.

The game only went four innings.

Mifflin County wasted no time putting runners across the plate scoring four in the first, one in the second, six in the third and rounded out the game with seven in the fourth.

Mifflin County 10, Altoona 0

In the second contest, the runs continued to fill the scorebook for Mifflin County as they defeated Altoona 10-0 in a six-inning victory.

Picking up the win for the Lady Huskies was Arika Henry. Henry went the full six, allowing three hits and posted three strike outs in the game-shortened win.

Jalee Bodtorf swung the hot bat posting five RBIs off of three hits. Highlighting Bodtorf’s night was a home run.

Alaina Sharp and teammates Savannah Powell and Falynn Reinard  both posted two hits each.

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