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Flashback to sectionals: Mc Special olympians have strong showing in swimming sectionals

Flashback to Sectionals
Recently, the Mifflin County swimming team competed at St.Francis University where they went up against strong. Competition from teams from all over North, Eastern, Southern and Western Central Pennsylvania.
The group was pumped and ready to take on the competition and brought home numerous medals.
Veteran Swimmer Erin Pyle led the team, picking up the gold in all three events she competed in.
Pyle took first place finishes in the 25-meter freestyle and in the 25-and 50-meter backstroke.
Olivia Fished led off the competition with wins in the 15-meter walk and a silver in the 15-meter unassisted swim.
Kristy McKloskey finished third in the 25-meter freestyle.
Swimmer Megan Maclay got a gold, silver and bronze medal in her three events. She finished third in the 25-meter freestyle and a second in the 25-meter backstroke.
Maclay struck gold in the 50-meter freestyle.
Annie McCarchey finished with a first and second place finishes in the 25-freestyle and the 50-meter backstroke, respectively.
Also picking up medals was Danika Herman. Homan took first in the 25-meter freestyle and a second place spot in the 25-meter backstroke.
On the boys’ side, Josh Dutcher picked up a second in the 25-meter backstroke.
Finally, rounding out the winners was Craig Sainsbury who notched gold in the 25-meter backstroke.

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