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Hidlay’s show the Nation what MIfflin County fans knew all along, they’re a class act!!

Photo courtesy of NC State Athletics
By Kenny Varner

This past weekend, the National Wrestling World bore witness to what the MIfflin County and Pennsylvania wrestling community knew for years, the Hidlay Brothers are the Real Deal!!!

No matter what their outcome would have been this season they have done more enough in their sport to make fans and residents of the entire MIfflin County area PROUD!!

The two are class acts as well on and off the mats. They are gracious in defeat and present themselves  with a quiet confidence that shows their class and respect for the sport that they have come to love and promote.

North Carolina State’s Trent and Hayden Hidlay both finished in the top five in each of the respective weight classes, again. This has been sort of the norm for the local matmen who have dedicated their lives to their sport.

This season, Hayden finished third in the nation at 174.

After his final match, a win against a tough opponent in Iowa’s Michael Kemerer, 12-4, Hidlay will be moving to the coaching side of the sport after finishing his career with a victory.

Coming into the NCAA tournament he was ranked fourth in the country.

Trent came into the tournament with a second place nod.

Unfortunately, Trent finished fifth. Hidlay picked up a nail biting 3-2 decision over Kaleb Romero, Ohio State.

Last season, Trent finished second in the nation.

With hard work and determination these brothers are so passionate and talented and maybe the hardest workers that most people you will ever meet.

The two seemingly every year since their elementary years have created a buzz about their ability throughout the MIfflin County community.

Watching them grow up and just seemingly add to the buzz, their skills and confidence continued to add to their legacy!!

They have also made the Wolfpack at top 10 program in each year of “Hidlaymania”

What sometimes get lost in conversation about the duo is that not only do the excel in the athletic arena but are honor students as well.

They take every challenge that comes to then head on! Something that shouldn’t be forgot.

The whole Hidlay family as a very successful pedigree for excellence as his father Mark dominated his opponents in football and was a successful college athlete.

Their mother Nikki is a successful physical therapist and former Lewistown high school cheerleader.

There brother Hayden played football and graduated from Ursinus College.

Younger sister, Lydia, is a successful field hockey standout at Susquehanna University.

From top to the bottom, the Hidlay’s have shown the true meaning of what hard work and dedication can do.

Congratulations to the most dominant family in MIfflin County history.

Continued good fortunes to you all!

Its been a pleasure to cover you all and watch your climb to the top!!!

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