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Kaitlyn Vogel: Champion Reflects on the Game

Kaitlyn Vogel: Champion Reflects on the Game

HSS: How well did your team do this season?

Katie: Our team did extremely well this season, winning the Mountain League and the Mountain League Championship, as well as placing second at the District 6 Championship. The season went by really fast but there was never a dull moment playing with those girls.
HSS: What was your favorite moment this season?

Katie: I would have to say my favorite moment was when my dad was watching me at a match in Philipsburg and I birdied the first hole, drained a long eagle putt, and shot my lowest round for nine holes, a 39. I was so proud that I got to share that moment with him.

HSS:  At the end of the season, where did you finish? Did you get to participate at the District 6 play-offs?

Katie: I got to participate in the District 6 Championship, placing second in the Class AAA and fourth overall. I was happy with the way I played, yet disappointed that I didn’t get to advance to Regionals.

HSS:  How long have you been golfing?

Katie: I have been golfing seriously since the eighth grade, so about five years. When I was in sixth grade, I would just go out with my dad and mess around.

HSS: Have you ever hit a hole-in-one?

Katie: I have never had a hole-in-one but have come extremely close. Hopefully soon I’ll get one!

HSS: What are your goals for college? Are you planning on playing golf at the college level?

Katie: My goal for college is to graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics. I definitely am playing golf at the college level too. I have several coaches interested in me playing for them. My goal for golfing in college is to be number one on the team and to give it my all.

HSS: What has been your favorite memory in your golfing career?

Katie: My favorite memory is when I finally beat my dad. It was the best feeling ever. He beat me by one on the front nine but then I came back to beat him by two on the back. It was very close but at the end of the day, I beat him and was so proud of myself.

HSS: What advice would you give to any youngster interested in golfing?

Katie: My advice would be to just go out and have fun. The game of golf is harder than it looks and is 99% mental. I would just say smile and if you have a bad hole, just forget about it. Dwelling on the past won’t get you far.

HSS:  Who got you started in golfing?

Katie: My dad got me started in golfing. He has been my only coach and I owe it all to him. Without my dad, I don’t think I would be golfing today.

HSS: Did you play varsity golf all four years of high school?

Katie: I have played varsity golf all four years of high school, lettering my sophomore year. I have had a blast and wouldn’t change anything about it!

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