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Lady Eagles pick up huge road win over Richland

The Bald Eagle Area girls soccer team scored an impressive win Thursday, topping Richland 1-0.

Both teams finished with eight shots on goals while the Lady Eagles notched the lead in corners by a 4-3 margin.

BEA goalie Makayla Spicer finished with eight saves while Richland’s Savanna Artim finished with seven. 

Heidi Eveleth scored the lone goal for the Eagles as she hit off an assist from Adrienne Hacker at 14:02.

It was a tough game tonight. We were having some trouble in possession and finding space to work, but we kept working hard and trying to create chances. Adrienne played a ball across the front of the goal and Heidi Eveleth crashed the net and put it in,” said Bald Eagle Area coach Jared Moore. “The defense was stretch but held tough all game. Makayla had a great game in goal and we came out with a win. 

BEA Record is 3-1 overall, and 2-1 LHAC

Next Game: BEA at Central Mountain 9/9.

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