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Local Wrestling star making a difference to children; makes special visit to fan

From Burnham Bulldog Special Needs Fan Page
Local Wrestling star, Dylan James aka “The Bulldog” recently had a chance to give back to his fans, visiting a sick youngster in a local Georgia hospital. This was his post
Late last night I got a message that one of my fans was in the hospital and that it would be awesome if I could come in to the hospital and see him if I had time.
I said that I would make time. I walk in to the room and little man was asleep. His parents wake him up. He takes a second and realizes I’m there. He is at a loss for words with this biggest smile in the world. I say touchdown and he tries to say touchdown.
I show him that I got him autographs from myself. Jake,Scott and Paige. Then he sees the signed action figure that I got him of DDP. He tries to sit up on his own and see it and gives me a big hug. He starts talking really for the first time since Monday. His mother broke down. His dad was so appreciative.
For a good 45 minutes he talked to me about moves that I do and moves that I should try. And he just kept saying touchdown. It’s emotional writing this because this little man looked at me like I was john Cena or Hulk Hogan it really puts in prospective life and what I call a hobby and a dream. I may work for free I may drive 3 hrs. for a battle royal. I may dress up in football gear and end up on trash bag wrestlers but guess what this little kid looks up to me and was happy to see me. His mom said I was the best medicine he has gotten since he’s been in and that is the most amazing feeling in the world and no one can take it from me. B4 I left he said “I need to get better so I can come see you” I said “promise” he said promise. A really awesome night. Get well buddy!!

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