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Elizabeth Scott: One to Watch


Editor’s Note – West Branch Junior High softball pitcher Elizabeth Scott has really been making a name for herself as of late, catching the eye of the region’s premier team, the Keystone Crunch, and becoming a member of that elite team. Editor Kenny Varner recently interviewed the young pitcher.

KV: How long have you been playing softball?

ES: I’ve been playing since third grade.

KV: Did you start out as a pitcher or what position did you choose first?

ES: I started out a pitcher. I wanted to start pitching because my elementary coach asked me to.

KV: Do have a special pitch or a favorite pitch you love to throw?

ES: I like to throw the rise.

KV: You are going to be playing for the Krunch this season. Tell me how that came about. It is a great honor to be selected for it.

ES: They came out to watch me and I was invited to one of their try outs. I made it!

KV: How many months do you practice softball?

ES: I practice all year round.

KV: Do you play any other sports?

ES: I play volleyball too, but I like softball better.

KV: Has there been any special moment that stands out in your career?

ES: I would have to say my junior high season. I had 115 strike outs.

KV: Do you have any off-speed pitches or curves that you throw to keep batters off guard?

ES: I throw a curve and a drop.

KV: Is it a goal to pitch at the college level someday?

ES: Yes. Definitely.

KV: Do you have any colleges in mind?

ES: I would love to pitch for St. Francis.

KV: What are you looking forward to this season? What level will be at?

ES: I will still be playing junior high.

KV: Do you split time with other pitchers?

ES: Once in a while, I will get a game off.

KV: How many games do you play after the school season?

ES: We play almost every weekend.

As the spring season gets under way, Scott will be one to watch to see if she can add to her last season’s 115 strike outs.

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