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Middle Road Raceway lights up the night Friday!!

By Dom Reed

GRANVILLE-  The Middle Road Speedway opened the night off with kids meeting the drivers before the racing began a little bit after 7:00.

“I’ve been racing for ten years. I started a race seven years ago called mowed down ALS,” said Dave Schcrol. I’m a respiratory therapist in my day job was taking care of veterans that had ALS.

I wanted to do something to give back to them one of my patients suggest we got to be good friends we got to talking about racing he said you should put on a race to raise money and I said yeah it’s a great idea.

The first year was a little rough but it has grown every year since. This year it always takes place in Ohio. We’re having it this year in Chillicothe, Ohio where it has been for the last four years.

“We raffle off a lot of good items. This year it’s  a guitar signed by Night Ranger and a  buggy. I also started a podcast called “Cracking with Dozer Dave.  It’s all about lawnmower racing. We’ve had guest on from Stacy Compton, the nascar driver people in Australia, Les Pantry, who just passed away last week from  cancer. we’ve had racers from all over the world we try to tackle as much about mower racing we can. 

On the night, there was a lot of good racers on the track. Emerson Mazeliak took home the win in the Mini Mo division Mozeliak and resides in Lancaster Pennsylvania.In the junior cart class, Deagan Vamer was able to grab the win. Daniel Mozeliak was at his best following in the family trio of racing picking up the win in the Superstock division. David Baldersor,Bob Warsing, Treagan Kauffman, Charlie Borh,Abigail Gill and Andrew Dalmas were able to pick up wins.

The hometown favorite was able to take home the checkered flag hanging on to get the win for the super mod single division.

Overall, it was a good night for racing.

Things will pick back up tomorrow at 4:00 in honor of Howard Hildebrandt and Old DOG Memorial weekend racing with a live band at 7:00 Exit 1 mile band.                 

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