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Yoder: One on One Interview With Indy Wrestler Sledge Gibson

By Joshua Yoder
LEWISTOWN – Hey wrestling fans! Get ready for another exciting interview with local Indy wrestlers. This time is HWF’s own Sledge Gibson. Get to know about one of the top wrestlers going today. Enjoy the interview.
JY: Who was your favorite wrestler and why?
SG: Dolph Ziggler! The man is the peak example of the performance art that is wrestling. His selling especially is the best in wrestling in my opinion.
JY: What was your first match like?
SG: It was a 10,000 dollar body slam challenge. The man was so fat I broke my wrist on the body slam. Funniest day ever.
JY: What has been your favorite moment in wrestling so far?
SG: I wrestled a match in front of 800 people for Big Time Wrestling as well as Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. Kevin and Scott told me they loved my match as well. That was peak.
JY: What do you love most about professional wrestling?
SG: The crowd engagement and noise you get when a match is going well is a peak dopamine hit.
JY: What would you say to any fan, who like to become a pro wrestler?
SG: I wouldn’t recommend it unless you’ve made your peace with having no personal life. Missed birthdays, no time to date, constant travel. Something to think about before going in.
I hope you guys enjoyed the interview with Sledge and I would also personally like to say thank you to Sledge for his time and answering my questions. You can see Sledge and the rest of the HWF this coming August for Summerfest.

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