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Mifflin County boys LAX posts win over Mifflinburg

Posting the win in grand fashion!

The Mifflin County boys Lacrosse team picked up its first win Wednesday 19-2 against Mifflinburg Wednesday night.

Dreyson Weaver led the way with a 6-goal performance.

Garrett Miller was just as solid with three goals and an assist.

Dodger Weaver rounded out multiple goal scorers finishing with two.

Matt Brytczuk 1 goal, 1 assist

Rounding out the scoring sheet was Vann Rogers (1 goal, 2 assist 

Gavin Knode 1 goal, 1 assist), Austin Maninno (1 goal), Nate Parkes (1 goal), Alex Snyder (1 goal, 6 saves on goal), Landen Bowersox (1 goal) and Trey Smith (1 goal).

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