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My take on the NFL/ President battle

After soaking in everything that has happened at every NFL games this weekend, I have my own thoughts on things and there were not all bad things that happened .
Let me start by saying I LOVE THIS COUNTRY! I come from a family of military members, my Uncle Bill fought in the Vietnam time frame, My Uncle Gil was a member of the Air Force in the 60s, my grandfather and great uncle fought in World War 2 and Korea,so they all signed to fight for our country.
I, myself, was a member of the Air Force and Pa. Air National guard during the Desert Storm Arena. Though I never had to go over to do battle, I had numerous friends that did.
With all that being said. I want to say thank you to both Donald Trump and the NFL for waking me up and reminding me what the meaning of the National Anthem means to a variety of people.
Going to numerous sporting events, sometimes you forget it’s more than just a song.
With President Trump’s comment and the response by the NFL actually made me feel prouder to be an American.
As the players protested, no matter how they did it, look behind the anger and see that Dr. Martin Luther King would be proud to see black, white, Asian and others linked arm in arm in solidarity and respecting each other’s different ways to protests against the Presidents comments.
I am one that does “sit on the fence” if you want to call it that because both sides are right in their own certain way and wrong in their respective.
Being the first time any sports team had done a protest to that magnitude there was bound to be things done in error of perceived as anti-military.
However, deep down I am sure there was no disrespect meant to the real heros in the military uniform.
When attacked, Americans pull together, no matter of race and creed and it was so refreshing.
I know a lot of people were put off by the way it was done and I agree with that.
But I am not that angered because it brought up conversations that are uncomfortable for people to talk about, such as race relations, and forced it out into the light. Which is never a bad thing.
And if by chance people are mad enough to stop watching football that’s ok too.
As a former active duty member if by chance there were players refusing to stand because of disrespecting the military, I really wouldn’t want them to honor me and my family, especially my deceased family members.
Remember we are all Americans, let’s try to see other people’s opinions, soak it in and just try to move forward and love each other for who we are.
Thank you NFL and President Trump for reminding me how it is to bring my patriotism back to the forefront.
Just remember positive things can always come out of bad situations.

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