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One on One: Bellefonte silver medalist Brock Port

Editors note: Bellefonte PIAA State Runner up Brock Port was interviewed by Hometown Sports editor Kenny Varner right after being honored for competing at the PIAA wrestling championships held at the Giant Center in Hershey, where he finished the top in the state.

KV: Congratulations on a great year! Tell me what it was like to compete in the State Championship at your weight division and how did the season go heading into states.

BP: All the hours I put in and just knowing I put the work in to deserve to be in the finals just couldn’t let myself lose. I know that I worked harder than my opponents, it drives you to win your matches. I just put that thought into all my matches and it made me successful this year.

KV: The team had an excellent year as well with you as one of their captains. Just talk about your team and how they did throughout the season. What did this team had that made it special.

BP: We weren’t the most experienced team but we went off the momentum that we made. Our first match would get us started and we would just build off of it. If we had a big win the next person would build off this and kept the ball rolling.

KV: Your heading to Lock Haven, correct? Are you getting anxious to start the next chapter of your wrestling career?

BP: I am very excited!

KV: How long have you been wrestling for?

BP: I have been wrestling ever since kindergarten so that would be 13 years.

KV: What are your goals heading into college both academically and on the mat?

BP: I’m going to school for Criminal Justice and that’s going to be my major.
My ultimate goal is to be a NCAA All-American. That’s everybody’s goal.

KV: With Lock Haven having such a legendary program you must be very proud to be going there.

BP: Yes,I’m excited! My coach for the last four years, Coach Maney was an alumni and he was an All-American for them twice. Hopefully, I can keep that going.

KV: What’s your favorite move you like to put on people?

BP: I like rolling halves. It feels good whenever you hit them.

KV: What advice would you give to young wrestlers just starting out in your sport?

BP: I would say to work your hardest everyday, pay attention in practice, do the extras and never lose any opportunities. If you don’t have anything going on you got to do the extras. You just have to put work your opponent. If you out work your opponents just believe in yourself and realize anyone can be beaten on any given day.

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