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One on one: National qualifier gymnast Libby Snyder

History was made recently at the River Run Gynastics Academy in Mifflintown.

Level 9 Regional qualifier Libby Snyder has secured a spot at the Level 9 Eastern National team. This is the groups first ever National qualifier.

Libby also placed 6th on vault, 7th on floor and 7th in the All Around, placing her on the National team. She will travel to Myrtle Beach in just a few short weeks to compete.

Recently, Hometown Sports editor Kenny Varner caught up with Libby to talk about her achievements, her start and her feelings on heading to the National qualifier.


HS: Howard did you feel when you found out you qualified for a spot on the Level 9 Eastern National team?

LS: It was definitely a surreal moment. Jaime (her coach)

didn’t tell me anything of what I even needed to achieve it. I wasn’t sure if I was going to. But when I found out I was very excited to find out I did qualify. It was also fun to have some of my teammates with me as well. they kind of shared the moment of figuring out I was going to Nationals.

HS: Do you compete in different events or do you specialize in just one?

LS: I do all four (events).

HS: what do you think is your strongest event?

LS: As of right now, the Bars. I’ve been pretty consistent lately. So I will definitely say it’s Bars.

HS: What is your favorite event?

LS: I like competing in the floor competition. It’s always been a favorite. I’m starting to like the beams. It’s starting to make its way in there. It’s been a lot easier to compete in Beams this year than it has in previous years.

HS: When did you start off performing in gymnastics?

LS: I started when I was seven years old. So, I’ve been here for 11 years.

HS: What got you interesting in starting out?

LS: I went to the YMCA. I started there at three. I was out in there because I had a lot of energy as a kid. I had a little trampoline at my old house. before we moved to the heights, where we live now. Myers mom said it would give me something to do. That’s  where it all started.

Then they thought I was stronger and I was ready to move somewhere else that wasn’t the YMCA so we found River Run.

HS: Where will you be going to compete in the National Qualifier?

LS: I will be going to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina at the convention center.

HS: Are you nervous at all about competing there or are you excited. Tell us how you are feeling about the trip.

LS: I’m a little nervous, especially because it’s in another state that I have not ever been to. But I’m also really excited because I feel that it’s a good experience to be some where that isn’t around here. It’s a new environment. It’s a new gym and a new atmosphere. So I’m a little nervous going but overall I’m really excited about it.

HS: Howard does it feel to be a role model for some of the younger gymnasts?

LS: It’s very humbling and it’s really nice to have younger kids looking up to me. This year has been the best of my competition career. so, coming from real hard moments and doing the best that I could it’s super nice to finally have a year that’s been going pretty smoothly.

HS: Isiah this something you’d like to continue on with in college?

LS: it has been a thought. I do want to continue gymnastics but I’m not sure where. I probably will do another year here before I really think of anything else.

HS: How much of the mental aspect do you think is in performing or what percentage do you thinks it’s the physical aspect? Would you say it’s 50/50?

LS: For me personally, it’s definitely more mental. I don’t know by what ratio really. for some people it might be 50/50 or maybe a little less. For me, the mental side is definitely on the higher end for me.

HS: What advice would you give younger gymnasts who are just starting out in your sports?

LS: Do it as long as it’s fun. If you’re starting to hit a rough patch, work through it. Once you get through it you’re going to feel a lot better and you are going to enjoy it more.

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