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Premier line to make MC fans very happy

Premier line.

Mifflin County Huskies fans might know the artwork but not the artist but that soon will be changed when local artist Todd Cubbison will be bringing out his own line of Mifflin County Husky gear.

Cubbison, a lifelong Mifflin County resident, along with five point screen printing have combined their efforts to bring fans a choice of numerous design styles of Mifflin County gear and the different sports that the Huskies compete in.

Three years ago Cubbison designed the original Huskies logo that is currently displayed at the high school. The local artist donated the design to help give money back to the different art and sports organizations.

With his new Premier line, Cubbison thought it was just time to bring out his creative work and share with the local community.

“I did the original logo for the school and it’s been three years ago and I thought now it was a good opportunity to bring out an alternative logo,” said Cubbison.

Mifflin County was just a start for Cubbison and as he will be designing for other schools in the Mifflin, Juniata and Huntingdon Counties.

“We are currently working with people in Mount Union and re-creating the Trojan and added in add some fundraisers for the Mt. Union sports teams,” Cubbison said.

Cubbison takes a lot of thought and time as well as effort into his projects.

“I do a lot of research into sports and sports apparel,” Cubbison said. “ I try to see what’s popular in the sports world. I also look at things that are popular with the certain designers of today like Nike, Under Armour, Adidas and Reebok. I see what they’re doing and what sells for them and then I try to turn it into something that’s a quality product which we can sell here in town and make the students or  whoever’s a Husky fan proud.

The Husky line is not just limited to the sports programs but to anyone.

“We are interested in doing fundraisers with anyone,” Cubbison said. Be it football, basketball, cheerleading, wrestling, band, art, bowling or even spirit wear, we’ll design anything. It doesn’t have to be a sport it can just be a generalized Husky organization.”

You can get the premier where at 5-points point screen printing at 26 Valley St., Lewistown PA 17044. Their phone number is 717-242-1177. You can also see their products and order online at five.


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