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Seven Mountain Wrestlers showcase talents at King of the Seven Mountain’s Event

By Kenny Varner
BURNHAM – It was a day of reunion’s and goodbye’s recently at the Seven Mountains “King of the Seven Mountains” event held at the Burnham Jamboree Field.

Highlighting the event was the Legendary Bulldog himself James Dylan.

The event benefitted the local Burnham Bulldogs Special Needs football team. The event raised over $500 for the Bulldogs.

It was an event of all different emotions for the group as Longtime fan favorite Ed House retired after his match in front of over 300-plus die hard fans.

Some other high profile wrestlers returned to the mat as Legendary Wrestling ICON Rob Noxious was there making his presence known in re ignighting his feud with the Bulldog. Malcom King was also there to take care of buisness along with newcomer Mike Citty.

Others participating were the Red Scorpion, the Patriot, King Kaluha and Mal Havok.

Starting off the event was a battle Royal to see who would work their way in line for the title.

With a ring full of focused athletes it would be Aaron Truth that would raise his hand in victory.

After the ring cleared James came out along with what was thought to be the Bulldogs official mascot to welcome home the Bulldog.

After addressing the crowd and sharing how great it was to be back home, the Bulldog was blindsided by the Mascot. It was Citty in disguise. He started to attack the Bulldog as Rob Noxious and King came out to triple team the local hero. The playing field was evened as the tag team, the Pony Express came out to save the day and even the odds.

In the Second match of the night Havok put up a $10,000 dollar body slam challenge to anyone.

Minutes later the Red Scorpion took up the challenge.

Despite almost having him up, there was outside interference as the Scorpion was hit with a low blow by someone outside the ring, giving the victory to Havok. Outside

The match was fast and furious in the third match as Delicious battled Mr. Ping.

Both exchanged blistering shots to start out the match.

Delicious took an early advantage as he got Ping outside the ring and started to take control but it didn’t take long for him to regroup

After a series of drops on Ping. Delicious got a little overconfident and that’s when Ping made his move.

After a series of alternating shots to the body both showed exhaustion as Ping fell on Delicious as both wrestlers shoulders were on the mat the referees decision double fall draw.

In the 4th match of the evening Solomon Nassir went up against J- Rock. Nassir started off with the advantage! He Put a pounding on J-Rock early. J-rock was battling his way back when Nassir had some outside help by Truth. That would be the advantage Nassir would need as he finished off Rock with a Sleeper hold to take the match.

A match of legendary veterans to center stage in the fifth match up.  King Kaluha faced off against the Patriot.

Kaluha opened up taking it to the Patriot but he reversed it in legendary fashion working on Kaluha’s leg.

It looked like Kaluha had a foreign object that he was going to use on the Patriot but the Star Spangled wrestler put that out of the question as he did a bulldog.

However, Kaluha returned the favor with a bulldog of his own.

Kaluha hit the Patriot with foreign  object. It looked like it was going to be a Roll over win with a pin over the Patriot but the object was found and the match was restarted to the Patriot’s delight as he took advantage of the situation with a 1-2-3 pin.

After the Intermission, The American Hammer Matt Quay went up against Sam Thompson for title. Early on Quay was Sidetracked with outside interference by Valerie. Thompson took control with nearfall. AfterTwo more nearfalls by Thompson, Quay returned to launch a splash on Thompson.

Thompson then reversed things only to have the Hammer take Thompson airborne.

Quay Almost had Thompson but it would be only for a two count.

In a series of bizarre events Quay was set up as Valerie hit the referee with the Sky high championship belt.

With the Ref knocked both Valerie and Thompson laid on the ground acting as if it was Quay that hit all three with the belt.

As the referee regained himself, he saw Quay with the belt.

Thinking Quay hit all three, the ref disqualified the Hammer giving Thompson the victory.

Cory Cross minds of Mayhem ED House. Bulletproof Darrius Black .

Black took house down. Black kept taking it to House who was down on the mat. House took control with a flying shoulder lock. House put the stunner on Black for a two and a half count. Black reversed it and put House’s shoulder on Mat for two and half count. Black slammed house and came out victorious.

Looking like he’s retiring leaving his boots on the mat, House addressed the fans thanking them for the love and he left the ring with his boots laying in the ring. It would be the ending of a brilliant wrestling career.

In a Triple threat, match BJ Walker, champion JKat and Aaron Truth, the winner of the Royal Rumble event.

Walker and Truth had an early double team on champ but JKat was holding his own with his Ariel attack. With a Sunset flip by JKat it looked like the champ was going to keep his belt but he was tossed out of the ring be Walker. Walker went right at the downed Truth and placed a sharpshooter on him. But JKat came flying into the ring plastering Walker with a bulldog from behind. JKat finished up the match with a small package on Truth, keeping him with the belt.   

In the night’s Main Event, the Pony Express and their tag team parter Sunny Daze aka the Bulldog went up against the triple threat of Mike Citty, Rob Noxious and Malcolm King.

The action was fast and furious as the match rolled out into the crowd with the Bulldog getting revenge on the earlier attack by Citty.

Citty knew what it was like to catch a football where it should not be thrown at.

After King and Noxious took care of the Pony Express it looked like it was going to another 3-1 but as the three went to head into the ring after Sunny Daze, the Pony Express fell in behind him.

Both Noxious and King stayed their ground with Citty not knowing he was in the ring. As he was facing his own 3-1 Daze waved for the members of the Burnham Bulldogs organizations to come in the ring and help pin Citty for the victory.

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