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Seven Mountain Wrestling lights things up this past weekend at Mr. Stax

LEWISTOWN – With Christmas only just one week away, what better way to get ready for such a wonderful occasion than some professional wrestling.
The pro wrestlers of 7MW made their return to Lewistown over at Mr. Stax Saturday night and brought plenty of holiday cheers as well as amazing, exciting wrestling action.
One of the big matches going into the show was the winner take all mix tag team match between long standing rivals Matt Quay and Izzy McCoy against the Prima Donnas Sam Thompson and Valerie. For the past few months these two teams have been going back and forth and it finally came to a head.
Earlier in the show, both Quay and McCoy were out in the ring to discuss with the fans about the match. Some of these comments did not sit well with the Prima Donnas as they interrupted them and added another stipulation to the match. If McCoy and Quay would lose, Quay would have to have his hair cut.
With a lot at stake going into the match, Thompson and Valerie came out with a solid game plan and isolated Miss McCoy and attempted to wear her down. But the Redneck Chick refused to give in and fought her way back and eventually made the tag to Quay who started firing off shot after shot on Thompson.
At one point, it appeared as though the Prima Donnas had the upper hand as the official was down and Thompson took advantage picking up the 7MW Sky High Title and hammered both Quay and McCoy in the face. But the mistake was made when they realized that the ref was still down and when they helped the ref back in to make the count, but both McCoy and Quay reversed the pinning attempt and grabbed a one, two, three victory as well as the Sky High and Women’s championships.
Another big time match up was the Main Event of the evening as former best friends turned bitter enemies as the 7MW World Champion J-Kat was defending the title against the leader of Truth Serum himself, Aaron Truth.
Truth didn’t even wait for the opening bell for the match to start as while J-Kat was making his entrance towards the ring, Truth snuck behind the camera man and blasted J-Kat in the face.
Truth would continue to find ways to keep J-Kat down including some help from some of his allies.
But J-Kat showed the fans why he won the 7MW title in the first place showcasing great fire and fought his way back against Truth. But that passion ended up being J-Kat’s undoing as Truth was trapped in a corner, J-Kat charged towards him, but before he got too close, Truth pulled the official over and got smacked by J-Kat.
With the referee out of the picture momentarily, J-Kat looked to go to the air of the top rope, but Truth pulled out a foreign object and dropped J-Kat to the floor. And thanks to that, we have a brand new 7MW World Champion in Aaron Truth.
Mal Havock appeared on the show and offered 15,000 dollars to any of the wrestlers or fans who could bodyslam him on the mat. After a brief pause, Nathan Black appeared and accepted the challenge.
Ultimately though, Black failed to score a bodyslam on Havock. However after the match, the debuting duo of Dead Kid and Lexgunz aka The Cult showed up and attacked Nathan. That brought out the Golden Child Colby Conrad and then it became a tag team between all four men.
The duo from New York defeated Conrad and Black and looked to continue the assault afterwards but Adrian Bliss stepped in to put a stop to it. Bliss unfortunately came alone as tag team Stefan Roman was injured and was not able to compete for the show. But refusing to back down to the newcomers.
Insulted, the Cult jumped Bliss, trying to take him out as well. That was until long time favorite Robnoxious came firing into the ring and chased the Cult away. Rob was also without a partner as Malcolm King was also injured and unable to compete.
That set up a hardcore match for the 7MW Tag Team Championships as Rob and Bliss decided to join forces forming the team of Sweet and Sour. As many fans come to expect in 7MW is that when things go hardcore, it is going to be a wild night and this match certainly did not disappoint.
There were tables, there were cookie sheets that were not used to bake cookies and ultimately it would be Sweet and Sour who came out on top with a Doomsday Device through the table to pick up the win. Afterwards a heart to heart moment as Stefan appeared and embraced both Rob and Bliss in celebration of their victory.
Mr. Ping was in action during the show and wrestled not once but twice. His first match happened to start the show as he went one on one with Zeno along with Ms.Velvet. It would be Ping who would be victorious.
But later on the show, Ping went up against the King of the Streets D-Licous who was accompanied by Ms.Velvet and Zeno. Throughout the match both Velvet and Zeno tried to distract Ping and keep him off his game, that was until the referee had enough and would eject both of them from the ring. Despite that however, D-Licous would take advantage catching Ping in a pinning predicament and placed his feet onto the rope for some extra leverage to pick up the one, two, three.
King Kaluhavs defeated the Puerto Rician Prodigy J-Rock in singles competition.
The Red Scorpion made an appearance to the show as well coming to the ring as Scorpi Claws and was handing out gifts to all those in attendance. But was interrupted by Tyler Symz.
Symz called Claws soft and wondered what had happened to him. But in reality it was nothing more than a distraction as the SideShow Psycho Malaki Gage came storming into the ring and attacked Claws from behind.
Enigma Lucio Deveer appeared and a match was made on the spot forcing both Symz and Gage to get into the ring and face the team of Claws and Deveer.
Symz and Gage tried all the tricks of the trade in order to get the advantage, but failed to overcome the power of Scorpi Claws. Frustration boiled over and Symz came up from behind Claws and landed a shot below the belt and he and Gage were then disqualified.
Fear not wrestling fans, 7MW will return on February 5th, 2022.
Hope you all enjoyed the show and we at Hometown Sports hope and pray you all have a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God Bless! Be Safe.

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