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Sports Vision Therapy from Sepich Eye Care


Anyone who plays a sport practices to improve their skills. Speed and strength are important factors in determining how successful you will be at a sport, but have you ever considered the role your vision plays in athletics? According to Dave Skipper, Vision Therapist, “Your vision is composed of many interrelated skills that can affect how well you play your sport.”  Exercise and practice can also improve your visual fitness and accuracy.

Every sport has different visual demands; the question is how do you determine what those needs are? The optometrists at Sepich Eye Care can conduct a thorough examination to help you gain that “winning edge.” They will assess your vision system and recommend proper eyeglasses or contact lenses and also design a vision therapy program to help you excel at your sport. Much like physical therapy, a uniquely designed vision therapy program can help you train your eyes.

Eye protection is also an important piece of your visual performance. Sports-related eye injuries are prevalent especially in high risk sports. Proper protective eyewear can help prevent injuries and some sport specific designs may even help improve your game.

The team at Sepich Eye Care focuses on important vision skills necessary for sports: dynamic visual acuity, visual concentration, eye tracking, eye-hand-body coordination, visual memory, peripheral vision, visual reaction time, and depth perception. A proper vision therapy treatment plan can help an athlete improve these skills and, as a result, perform better. For example, professional basketball players used vision training to help localize the basket, improve shooting ability as well as vision speed and accuracy for court awareness. One of the players won an Olympic gold medal and another is currently a coach in the NBA.

As Dr. Sepich points out, “The visual skills learned in vision therapy will not only enhance your athletic performance, but will also improve skills in other areas of your life such as reading and learning.” Every athlete can benefit from sports vision therapy. If you or your child would like to see how the specialists at Sepich Eye Care can help you, contact them to day at 814-272-0262 or visit them on the web at

www.sepicheyecare.com .

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