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State College hosts BEA is Unified Bocce action

Special Olympics and high school sports combined today at the first ever Unified Bocce contest between returning champs Bald Eagle Area and the  “New kids on the block” State College team held at State College high school.

It was an evening of fun and comrodery Thursday as the two faced off in the friendly competition.

The game is a very simple but exciting one.

It is played with eight large gel filled ball and a smaller one called the pallina. Each team has four balls (red or green).

The smaller ball is tossed past the midcourt on the opposite side of the  court.

Each team takes turn rolling the ball and can score from one-four points depending on how close the balls are to the smaller pallina ball.

The first school to win three matches wins the competition.

If the game is tied after four each team will select eight players to compete in a decisive game.

Here are some highlights of the returning state champions match at State College.

Here are some highlights….

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