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The Fight before Christmas!

By Joshua Yoder

LEWISTOWN – Twas the fight before Christmas and all over Mr.Stax, every creature was stirring, especially the stars of Seven Mountains Wrestling who provided the people of Lewistown their way of spreading holiday cheer.

The main theme of the show was the build was the Ultimate Survivor Match where 10 different wrestlers came to compete to be called the Ultimate Survivor. Throughout the show all the one that were going to compete in the main event had wrestled early on in the show with a variety of results.

But like mentioned before, it was all about the big prize of being named the Ultimate survivor. The ten combatants were Izzy McCoy, Eric Haine, Ziggy Quinn, Zeno, Rob Noxious, Adrian Bliss, Dexter Bates, Brotha Rakim and the Father, Son duo of Tyler Symz and Kyle Thomas.

Believe me, it didn’t take long for things to get crazy as 7MW fans have come to know and expect and love.

All ten wrestlers were flying all over the ring whether it was inside or outside. Weapons were also a featured part of the free for all including stuff from the fans as well.

One by one the eliminations started coming with the first one to be eliminated was Quinn was pinned by Thomas. Bates was next in line to be sent packing by Ms. McCoy herself before Zeno was eliminated by Brotha Rakim.

Rob Noxious took his turn and pinned Haine for the next elimination, then Rakim was next to fall as Malcolm King made his appearance on the show and gave him a big splash before getting the one, two, three.

Symz was then taken out by Bliss for the sixth elimination before his son Thomas was eliminated by McCoy.

And then there were three as McCoy, Bliss and Rob Noxious remain. At one point though, it looked as though Bliss and Rob were looking to end the career of the Redneck Chick. However, then swerved everybody in the arena and allowed McCoy to pick up the win and be crowned the Ultimate Survivor.

Afterwards many people gathered around the ring to celebrate Izzy McCoy because she had announced that she was going to take some time off for a while and tearfully thanked everyone involved in her career and received a standing ovation from the 7MW faithful.

This wasn’t only time things became emotional for a 7MW wrestler. As Louis G Rich made his long awaited return to Lewistown as he went one on one with Ed House for the first time ever!

The match itself was a showcase of the experience level between these two as move for move, hold for hold, strike for strike. Both men traded shots with one another and anytime one would get some momentum, the other responded with a fury of his own.

But ultimately, it was Rich who got the upper hand as House tried to get him over his head only for Rich to turn it into a sun set flip pinning attempt to get the W.

Then afterwards, both House and Rich showed great respect for one another as Rich then turned to face the crowd and wanted to thank them for everything they have done for him as he after 18 years in ring, was finally calling it quits.

Best wishes to Louis G Rich and Izzy McCoy in their future endeavors.

There was also some championship action for the evening as Aaron Truth had interrupted the National Anthem with his crew and insulted the fans early on in the show. Truth also insulted the No DQ Title saying he had bigger plans than this.

So the singles match between EN Bush and B-A-N-A-N-A Man Lestat was for that Vacant No DQ Championship. It was a hard fought battle between the two, but Bush managed to catch Lestat with a curb stomp to the head that landed right onto the steel chair to be crown the new champion.

J-Kat also made an appearance during the show as he looked to defend his Sky High title against the challenger of Joey P aka the Trash Man.

This was a clear David versus Goliath match as Joey P had a lot more size than the champion. But like the saying goes, it’s not the size the dog, it’s the size of the fight of the dog and J-Kat had it in spades.

J-Kat fought through all of the obstacles that was put in front of him and slipped past Joey P and hit him with a schoolboy for come up with the victory.

If you are looking to see more Professional Wrestling, there will be a show on Christmas Day where the wrestlers of Valour and CCW will have a United show at the Rutherford Youth Club in Harrisburg.

Until next time. Merry Christmas everyone!


Eric Haine def. Ziggy Quinn


Dexter Bates def. Izzy McCoy


Tyler Symz/Kyle Thomas def. Adrian Bliss/Robnoxious

7MW Sky High Championship

J-Kat def. Joey P


Zeno def. Brotha Rakim by DQ


Louis G Rich def. Ed House


Izzy McCoy defeated, Rob Noxious, Adrian Bliss, Dexter Bates, Kyle Thomas, Tyler Symz, Brotha Rakim, Zeno, Ziggy Quinn and Eric Haine.

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