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Yoder: Interview with 7Mountain Wrestling Father/Son duo part 1

All In The Family Part 1

Photos Courtesy: Hailee Sanchez

By Joshua Yoder

LEWISTOWN – Hello pro wrestling fans this is a very special two part interview I did with two current local wrestlers Tyler Symz and Kyle Thomas who are mainly known for wrestling for Seven Mountains Wrestling. But some may not know is that the duo are father and son. In part one I talk with Tyler Symz and asked him about the experience of being a father as well as a pro wrestler and what his reaction was to hearing his son ask to become a pro wrestler of his own. I would like to thank both Symz and Kyle for this interview.

JY: How long have you been wrestling now?

TS: I will have been wrestling for 28yrs in September.

JY: Did you ever want to see your children be a part of wrestling? And Why or Why not?

TS: Yes and no . Yes cause I love this sport and how much fun it is when your out there in front of that crowd, and no because I know the toll it takes on your body and don’t want them to hurt like I do now.

JY: What was your reaction when your son wanted to become a wrestler?

TS: I was happy for him because he was excited but worried because this is a brutal sport not just on your body, but it is also a very cut throat sport people will stab you in the back to take your spot.

JY: Was it difficult to help train/coach him?

TS: I didn’t train him Robnoxious and Malcolm King trained him, I add my thoughts and knowledge when I feel he needs it.

JY: What was it like to watch your son have his first match?

TS: I was his opponent for his first match, but his first match that he had I wasn’t in it yeah it was difficult because I knew how hard he worked for this moment and wanted it to go great for him.

I still watch every match he is in so I can give him feedback on what was good or what he needs to work on or I like this spot but if u do this it might get better reaction.

JY: What did you think of becoming a tag team with your son?

TS: It honestly has been great I love that I get to share these moments with him because I know my career is coming to an end in near future so getting to be in the ring sharing the moments with him is awesome.



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