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Yoder: All in the Family Part 2

Photos Courtesy: Hailee Sanchez

By Joshua Yoder

LEWISTOWN – Here is part two of my interview with the father son duo. In part one I interview father Tyler Symz and learned about his experience with having a son in wrestling. Now it is Kyle Thomas’ turn. In this interview we learn what it was like growing up with a father who was in the pro wrestling business and what it was like telling that he wanted to become a pro wrestler as well.

JY: What made you decide to become a wrestler?

KT: What made me decide to become a wrestler was watching it growing up. My childhood was wrestling. I watched my dad wrestle on tapes and in person all the time and always watching it on tv. Eventually my dream was to wrestle my dad and I decided instead of just dreaming about it I should just do it, so I did.

JY: Were you scared to ask your dad to help train you to become a wrestler?

KT: I wasn’t really scared to ask my dad mostly because I didn’t ask him at first. I asked Rob Noxious to train me because I wanted to surprise him when I finally told him what I was doing. But Rob told him beforehand.

JY: What was training like for you?

KT: Training is never easy for anyone. I knew it was gonna be hard but I was willing to push myself. I’ve played football my whole life but nothing prepares you for the physical and mental battles you have for the first few months of training. I was sore every day for two months and the repeating of bumping getting back up eventually takes a toll on your mental. You have to push yourself to get back up after knocking yourself down so many times.

JY: What was it like having your first match?

KT: It was amazing to have my first match. Especially when it was against my dad. But when I was in the back I was nervous. All I could think about is everything that can go wrong. I went out there and put everything I had into the match. Rob was out there with me during my first match and it meant a lot. He was there for my first bump and he’s one of the greatest Indy wrestlers of all time. Having him in my corner for the match was awesome but I was also pretty nervous knowing he’s watching everything I do.

JY: Now that you have had some matches under your belt, what was the main idea about becoming a tag team with your father?

KT: The main idea of becoming a tag team with my dad is to make me better. We all want the same thing in wrestling to be the best. And to eventually win a World title. I’m new into wrestling I have to prove why I should be where we all wanna be. And I think a good way to do that is with winning gold with my dad.

JY: What do you hope to accomplish as a team?

KT: What I hope we can accomplish is winning gold and proving we are gonna be here for a long time.

JY: What are your goals as a singles wrestler?

KT: My goal is to win the World title and eventually be better than my dad. We all need someone to chase. I’m just fortunate enough to have Tyler Symz as my dad. He’s gonna be hard to be better than but we all need competition and he’s mine.

I would like to thank both Tyler Symz and Kyle Thomas for their time. And if you would like to see the father son team in action, you can check them out at Seven Mountains Wrestling and several other local promotions in the PA area. And you can see them live on May 4th at Mr. Stax.

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