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Hidlays look tough in Flo Wrestling RTC Cup

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Results from Flo Wrestling RTC Cup sponsored by the Titan Mercury Wrestling Club.

The tournament was held Dec. 4th and 5th in Cincinnati, Ohio

Trent Hidlay and Hayden Hidlay wrestled strong in weekend tournament for the Wolfpack Wrestling Club.

The Wolfpack club finished fourth in the final team standings.

Hayden wrestled at 74 KG (1-1)

while Trent wrestled at 86 KG (5-0).

In Pool A, Cliff Keen WC 3 wrestled to a victory on tech points over the Wolfpack WC 3(Cliff Keen wins on technical points 46-45).

Logan Massa won 8-8 over Hayden Hidlay while Trent Hidlay picked up the10-6 victory over Dominic Abounader.

The Wolfpack battled strong I. It’s second match falling to the Gopher WC 3 Wolfpack WC 3 (Gopher WC wins on technical points 37-36).

Trent Hidlay took the victory over 6-2 over Brett Pfarr.

In the Quarterfinals, the Wolfpack bounced back and defeated Ohio RTC 4-2.

Trent Hidlay dominated 14-7 over Sammy Brooks.

In the Semi-Finals

Cliff Keen WC took a hard fought win over the Wolfpack WC 3-3 (Cliff Keen winning 14-11 on technical points).

Trent Hidlay finished with a 4-3 win over Myles Amine (The #4 wrestler ranked in world).

In the 3rd Place round,

The Spartan RTC topped the Wolfpack WC 4-2.

But the Wolfpack got a Hayden Hidlay win (11-0) in 4:47 victory over Jevon Balfour.

Trent Hidlay also notched a win, 12-9 over NCAA Champ, Drew Foster.

Team Standings:

1st: Cliff Keen WC (Michigan)

2nd: NJRTC/SERTC (Rutgers/Virginia Tech)

3rd: Spartan Combat RTC (Cornell)

4th: Wolfpack Wrestling Club (NC State)

5th: Ohio RTC (Ohio State)

6th: Gopher WC (Minnesota)

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