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HWF! A Night of Explosions!

By Joshua Yoder

LEWISTOWN – There was a lot to unpack for the fans of the HWF as they welcomed the people back into the Colosseum for it HWF Remains show.

With heavy winds outside, the Colosseum provided plenty of heat for the HWF faithful. In more ways than one.

The first heated moment came earlier on into the show as Jason Havoc came out to the ring to do an interview and was presented with evidences that proved he was the one who threw the towel that ended the match between Matt Silks and James Ford a while back for the HWF World title. And the person who discovered the evidence was the Promoter Trista Silks herself.

Things only got more heated as the conversation went along as Havoc eventually went off on Trista and insulting her, her husband Matt as well as the people of Lewistown which led to two things. Number one, Trista responded with the slap heard around the world and sent Havoc flying to the outside. Number two, Trista then adds the fact the she had decided fire Havoc.

In raged, Havoc stormed out of the building into the cold night. But if people remember the history of Jason Havoc they all know one thing, Havoc always has a trick of his sleeve and there is a feeling that this is far from over.

Another big moment during the show was the return of one Steve Steel who finally made his return to the ring after suffering medical issues where many people said that he may never wrestle again. To the roar of the crowd, Steel was so excited to back. That was until John Washington who had been verbally assaulting Steel for nearly a year made an appearance.

It looked like there was going to be a showdown between the two only for it to be a set up as Big Philly jumped Steel from behind and the duo began beating Steel down. That was until Robbie Paige came in and made the save.

It quickly turned into a tag team match where Washington and Philly used every single dirty tactic in the book including using Steel and Paige’s friend Chill Will as a human shield to spoil the return of Steel and pick up the victory.

Speaking of bad blood, the long and furious feud between rival factions came to ahead at Remains as the Sons of Mifflin County who were represented by Matt TRK Silks and Edward James, took on the duo from Riot City Jason Drake and Ron Holiday.

It didn’t take long for chaos to ensue as both teams clearly were dying to get their hands on one another throughout the match. Things got so intense that the Sons of MC had to pull a new move out of their hats to finish off Riot City and it was called the Welcome to Mifflin County.

Fellow SOMC member RD Mosh was also looking for blood as Mosh was looking for some payback against the President of Wrestling Phil Stamper who in the previous show had attacked Mosh from behind and cut a piece of his mohawk hair.

But ultimately it was Mosh who got the W as he showcased his high flying ability as Mosh hammered Stamper with a diving head butt aka the Stage Dive. After the match Stamper show Mosh signs of respect and raised his hand.

Another SOMC member Pit Chick went one on one against Ashlan Shaw in a rematch from the last show where Pit Chick came out the victor.

However, things were a little different this time as Pit Chick had injured her knee and Shaw smelt the blood in the water and immediately went onto the attack and eventually got the win after a spear. Afterwards Shaw looked down upon Pit Chick and told her that it was over and that she had found retribution.

Lestat had found himself in a tough situation as he not only had to face one Connell brother, but both Connell brothers in a handicap match. But the Banana King powered through and slammed one Connell  brother onto another before getting the one, two, three.

There were also three championship matches on the card with the first being for the Xtreme title. Not an easy way for your first title defense for champion Sledge Gibson who had to go up against not one, but two challengers in Arawn Conners and Superior G.

But somehow, some way, Sledge dug down deep and overcame the odds and scored a pin on Conners to retain the title.

The next title defense was for the HWF Tag Team Championships as Neverfall welcomed newcomers Ed House and Laszlo Arpad aka Team Baby Daddy.

The match itself was a tag team clinic with both teams going back and forth giving one another their best shots throughout the match. But once again, Neverfall lived up to their name as they dropped the hammer down with the Climb Hazard to get the win.

But one of the most intense moments of the night came during the main event as the Titan James Ford the HWF World Heavyweight Champion looked to continue his dominance as he went to battle with the original HWF Champion, Sicend the leader of Riot City.

Sicend showed why he set the standard of being a World champion and tried to cut the big tree down. However, the Titan overpowered Sicend catching him on a rebound off the ropes and somehow turned it into the Titanfall to continue his reign as champion.

And just as you thought things couldn’t get any more intense, after the match, a man under a green hoodie flew into the ring out of nowhere and and superkicked Ford in the face with his own belt. The man then revealed himself to be Vam Williams who was quickly escorted out of the building by security.

Who knows what will happen next as HWF will make its return to the Colosseum for Madness at the Colosseum on March 9.

Match Results:

Handicap Match

Lestat def. The Connell Bros

HWF Xtreme Championship

Sledge Gibson (c) def. Superior G and Arawn Conners

Tag Team Match

Big Philly/John Washington def. Steve Steel/Robbie Paige

Tag Team Grunge Match

Sons of Mifflin County def. Riot City

Singles Match

Ashlan Shaw def. Pit Chick

Singles Match

RD Mosh def. Phil Stamper

HWF Tag Team Championship

Neverfall (c) def. Team Baby Daddy

HWF World Heavyweight Championship

James Ford (C) def. Sicend

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