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Mifflin County makes Class of 2020 a Special one

Parade of Champions

To say 2020 has been a year of adjustments has been an understatement.

High school seniors across the state has had to deal with a lot of obstacles other classes have.

After shutting down to the Covid-19 virus Mifflin County seniors had to give up their traditional prom and graduation ceremonies and all the rites of passages that most use as a giant step into the world.

Despite not having a traditional graduation ceremony, the Mifflin County teachers and administration came up with a Parade of Champions through Mifflin County and a drive up, in person, personal handing of their diploma from Principal Mark Crosson.

Later on in the summer there is a possibility of a prom being held in their honor. Stay tuned.

Congratulations to the Mifflin County Husky seniors on all of your accomplishments. You made our county proud!!!

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