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Mifflin County swimmers sweep Bellefonte

LEWISTOWN – The Mifflin County swimming team continues to impress as they swept a tough Bellefonte team Thursday in both boys and girls action.
Overall scores were the Lady Huskies picking up a 96-73 victory and the boys topped Bellefonte 104-46.
In the Girls 200 yard Medley Relay
1st place the team of Ella Stuck, Hannah Bonson, Macy Becker, and Morgan Robinette                      ,            with a time of 2:07.38 took top honors while the Huskies took 2nd place. That team consisted of Madeline Baisey, Jordyn Kile, Sophia Aurand, and Julia Montgomery w/ time of 2:18.91.
The Boys 200 yard medley relay
took 1st place and third. The team of  Ethan Andrews, Isaac IronCloud, Kevin Neavling, and Braden Kibe  with a time of1:55.91 to take First while the team of Alex Larson, Trystan Snyder, Bennett Andrews, Jonathon Suydam took third with a time of 2:09.78.
“The swimmers did excellent today! said Mifflin County Head Coach Gretchen Seyler. “All of their hard work during their training sessions is really showing through in their races! Hopefully they can keep this up!”
Taking second and third in the Girls 200 yard freestyle was Hannah Bonson w/ time of 2:10.50 (qualified for districts)and Joy Galbraith with a time of 2:25.61.
In the Boys 200 yard freestyle
1st place went to Isaac Iron Cloud with a time of 2:04.09 (qualified for districts).
Second place went to Alex Larson with a time of 2:19.08 and 3rd place Ross Cottrill with a time of 2:57.09.
Mifflin County picked up a second and a third in the Girls 200 yard IM.
Second place went to Morgan Robinette with a time of 2:39.15
and 3rd place nod went to Ella Stuck with a time of 2:42.20.
Boys 200 yard IM was one by Mifflin County’s Ethan Andrews with a time of 2:19.23.
In 2nd place, teammate Braden Kibe finished with a time of 2:22.25 (qualified for districts).
The Girls 50 yard freestyle also got a first and second place finisher for Mifflin County
The 1st place winner was Macy Becker with a time of 28.30.
In 2nd place, Madeline Baiey finished her event with a time of 28.56 (qualified for districts).
In the Boys 50 yard freestyle, Mifflin County finished with a second and third.
In 2nd place was Trystan Snyder with a finishing time of 27.93.
while 3rd place went to Ross Cottrill with a time of 29.70.
Girls 100 yard butterfly was bookended.
In 1st place Hannah Bonson w/ time of 1:08.04 (qualified for districts) took top honors while in
3rd place- Jordyn Kile with a time of 1:31.59.
In the Boys 100 yard butterfly
2nd place went tin Ethan Andrews with time of 1:07.20 (qualified for districts) and 3rd place- Kyler Snook with a time of 1:16.34.
Mifflin County finished second and third in the Girls 100 yard freestyle.
Sophia Aurand w/ time of 1:06.38 took the second spot and in 3rd place Joy Galbraith with a time of 1:08.36.
Finishing in the Boys 100 yard freestyle was a 3rd place finish from Jackson Robinette with time of 1:03.12.
Girls 500 yard freestyle the Huskies once again hit the top spot. Finishing in 1st place was Macy Becker w/ time of 6:31.20
Iron Man Isaac Iron Cloud swam a strong Boys 500 yard freestyle
Isaac Iron Cloud finished with a top spot with a time of 5:56.04 (qualified for districts).
In 2nd place, Trystan Snyder with a time of 6:33.34.
Mifflin County got silver from the Girls 200 yard freestyle relay.
Finishing in 2nd place was the team of Joy Galbraith, Grace Parks, Sophia Aurand, and Madeline Baisey w/ time of 2:06.04.
The Boys 200 yard freestyle relay finished in 2nd place. The team of Kevin Neavling, Alex Larson, Kyler Snook, and Bennett Andrews w/ time of 1:51.28   (Kevin Neavling qualified for districts in the 50 free as lead off of this relay w/ time of 24.34)  while in 3rd place the team of Jackson Robinette, Jonathon Suydam, Ross Cottrill, and Trystan Snyder finished with time of 1:59.31.                     
In the Girls 100 yard backstroke
Ella Stuck took top honors w/ time of 1:13.98.
There was a sweep in the Boys 100 yard backstoke.
First place went to Braden Kibe w/ time of 1:05.88 (qualified for districts),2nd place- Alex Larson w/ time of 1:08.69 (qualified for districts) and 3rd place went to Bennett Andrews w/ time of 1:18.05.
Two place finishers shined in the Girls 100 yard breaststroke.
Morgan Robinette w/ time of 1:26.93 finished second while 3rd place went to Grace Kauffman w/ time of 1:27.96.
In the Boys 100 yard breaststroke
Kevin Neavling w/ time of 1:18.37 took first place.
In the last relay race of the day the Girls 400 yard freestyle relay
Placed first and third. First place went to the team of Hannah Bonson, Ella Stuck, Morgan Robinette, and Macy Becker w/ time of 4:09.85.
Picking up a 3rd place was the team of Jordyn Kile, Julia Montgomery, Grace Parks, and Joy Gabraith w/ time of 4:57.74
Rounding out the competition was Boys 400 yard freestyle relay
1st place went to the Huskies’ team of Ethan Andrews, Isaac Iron Cloud, Kevin Neavling, and Braden Kibe w/ time of 3:52.89 as well as
2nd place with the team of Ross Cottrill, Kyler Snook, Jonathon Suydam, and Jackson Robinette w/ time of 4:46.75.


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