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One on one interview with 7MW King Kahula

By Joshua Yoder
LEWISTOWN – Hey everybody we are back with another exciting interview with some of your favorite indy wrestlers. This time I got to sit down with long time wrestler King Kahula. Enjoy!
JY: Who was your favorite wrestler and why?
KK: Maginificent Muraco- Great wrestler and interview. Great at getting people to hate him. Great technique and pace in the ring.
JY: What was your first match like?
KK: First match was great. I learned in a stationary boxing ring so being in a real wrestling ring was great. I was a good guy and the people took well to me.
JY: What do you love most about professional wrestling?
KK: I love the fan interaction. I’m more interested in my ring entrance sometimes than wrestling. I’m into the pageantry and the gear that I wear.
JY: What has been your favorite moment in wrestling so far?
KK: My favorite moment is the next moment I’m in the ring. I’ thankful to be able to still perform at a high level after 40 years of wrestling.
JY: What would you say to any fan who’d like to become a pro wrestler?
KK: Do not expect to get rich being a wrestler and do not start unless you are totally committed to it.
That was my interview with long time veteran King Kahula. I personally would like to thank him for his time and I hope you all had fun reading this interview. But do not worry wrestling fans, there will be more interviews to come. Until next time!

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