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One on one interview with Phil Stamper

By Joshua Yoder
LEWISTOWN – Hello again pro wrestling fans! We have another fun one on one interview with another local wrestling talent. This time, it is the President of Wrestling himself, Phil Stamper. Get to know what one the busiest man in wrestling. Enjoy!
JY: Who was your favorite wrestler and why?
PS: Eric Embry. He was a wrestler with WCCW, USWA and I would see re-runs on ESPN classic. He was the first wrestler who I felt like I understood.
JY: What was your first match like?
PS: Fun, but nerve wracking! Was very comfortable in the ring, but worried about getting the crowd to follow me.
JY: What do you love most about professional wrestling?
PS: The entertainment it gives the crowd. The memories it gives them to escape.
JY: What has been your favorite moment in wrestling so far?
PS: Having the chance to have worked for over 90 wrestling companies in six countries.
JY: What would you say to any fan who like to become a pro wrestler?
PS: TRAIN! It’s not an easy road, but one that can give back if you work hard.
I personally would like to say thank you to the President of Wrestling, Mr. Phil Stamper for giving me his time to do this interview and you can see him and the rest of the HWF for the upcoming Summerfest show on August 17.
Until next time wrestling fans!

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