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Port Royal Speedway and Weikert Livestock Increase Bob Weikert Memorial Purse and Winner’s Share to $75K

Courtesy of Brad Strawser

Port Royal, PA – Port Royal Speedway is excited to partner with Todd Weikert and Weikert Livestock for an increased purse for the Bob Weikert Memorial which includes an increase in the winner’s share to $75,000.

“I’ve been wanting to increase that purse. I didn’t know how to go about it or what I wanted to do but as I went on the last couple of years and dwelled on it, and High Limit coming along and the success of our race the last few years…I think it’s fitting for sprint car racing to offset the cost for some of these owners and make for better competition,” said Todd Weikert of Weikert Livestock.

The increase in purse for the Bob Weikert Memorial now adds to the already high paying schedule for the High Limit Racing season which now boasts over 26 total races paying over $20,000 to win and 6 of at least $50,000 to win including both the Bob Weikert Memorial and Tuscarora 50 at Port Royal Speedway.

The event now pays a minimum $2,000 to start, will include a B-Main purse, and other contingencies for drivers and teams throughout the May 25th & 26th event.

Ticket sales for the event are coming soon and will be available for purchase, at a later date, both at portroyalspeedway.com and highlimitracing.com.

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