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Port, royal speedway, celebrate Labor Day, in historic fashion

Courtesy of Port Royal Speedway

Dylan Cisney scored one for the hometown crowd on Fan Appreciation Night at the Port Royal Speedway when he picked up his first career Foss Jewelers Labord Day Classic in the 69th running of the event presented by Tedd Reitz.

The win was worth $6000 and was exceptionally appropriate and popular with the fans for the kid who grew up just a few blocks from the Speedway and now serves as the Port Royal Mayor as an adult.

Weekend invader Bria Brown and Mike Walter II started on the front row for the event, and it was Brown getting the early jump on the field to lead the opening lap. Walter, Gerard McIntyre Jr, Anthony Macri and Cisney made up the rest of the top five.

Macri was on the move early as he moved into the final podium position on lap two. Meanwhile, 21st starter Sam Hafertepe Jr was already up to 14th by lap three. The events first caution flew three laps later when Austin Bishop came to a slow on the backstretch.

Brown again took off at the return to green flag action and two laps later Cisney moved into the fourth spot. With 15 laps remaining, Walter was able to track down Brown and the two were side at the flagstand. Walter used a slider in turn’s one and two to take over the top spot, while Macri followed suit to second in turn’s three and four.

Cisney worked his way into a podium spot within two more laps and with 11 laps to go he got by Macri for the runner-up position. It was perfect timing for ‘The Mayor’, as one lap later Walter was buried in heavy lapped traffic. This allowed Cisney to capitalize and grab the top spot with nine laps remaining.

One lap later Walter found speed once again and he got by Cisney exiting turn two on the bottom to take the lead back. However, the lead was short-lived as Cisney capitalized on Walter’s slip-up to take the lead back in turns one and two with 8 to go.

Walter set his sights back on Cisney entering turn three but had Macri to his outside working the middle line. The two made contact in the middle of the turn and Walter backed his way into the outside guardrail to bring out the caution for the second time.

A pair of incidents with four to go and two to go halted action over the final four laps, but Cisney was able to hold off all attempts from his competitors to take the checkered flag for his first second win of the season at the track.

Macri, Brown, McIntyre Jr. and Parker Price-Miller rounded out the top five. Danny Dietrich, Tyler Courtney, Devon Borden, Hafertepe Jr and Hunter Schuerenberg completed the top ten. Hafertepe Jr earned $500 from Valley Supply Inc. as the evening’s hard charger, while 13th-place finisher TJ Stutts scored a $1000 bonus as the night’s J&S Classics Warrior Award recipient via random draw.

Trent Yoder made a late pass of Cliff Brian Jr to score the wingless sportsman feature event win over Steve Wilbur, Brian Jr, Michael Smith, and Matt Cisney. Tony Jackson, Kevin Gutshall, Chad Thomas, Andy Burkhart, and Troy Fraker rounded out the top ten.

Adam Campbell led all thirty laps of the FWD 4-Cylinder event to pick up the win in the final feature event of the night. AJ Hoffner, Robby Carroll, Eric Boozel, and Ricky Weaver completed the top five.

410 Sprint Car Results- 1. Dylan Cisney, 2. Anthony Macri, 3. Brian Brown, 4. Gerard McIntyre Jr, 5. Parker Price-Miller, 6. Danny Dietrich, 7. Tyler Courtney, 8. Devon Borden, 9. Sam Hafertepe Jr, 10. Hunter Schuerenberg, 11. AJ Flick, 12. Chris Windom, 13. TJ Stutts, 14. Lynton Jeffrey, 15. Kody Lehman, 16. Sye Lynch, 17. Jason Shultz, 18. Kassidy Kreitz, 19. Devin Brenneman, 20. Mike Wagner, 21. Dan Shetler, 22. Garrett Bard, 23. Mile Walter II, 24. Austin Bishop

Wingless Sportsman Results- 1. Trent Yoder, 2. Steve Wilbur, 3. Cliff Brian Jr, 4. Michael Smith, 5. Matt Cisney, 6. Tony Jackson, 7. Kevin Gutshall, 8. Chad Thomas, 9. Andy Burkhart, 10. Troy Fraker, 11. Jack Liddick, 12. Brian Nace, 13. Jason Moore, 14. Brenden Hires, 15. Jordan Fulton, 16. Ricky Rutt, 17. Joe Gabner, 18. Eric Rutz, 19. Curt Stroup, 20. Brett Perigo, 21. Drew Sullivan, 22. Jason Gindleberger, 23. Sam Leonard, 24. Bill Brian Jr

4 Cylinder Results- 1. Adam Campbell, 2. AJ Hoffner, 3. Robby Carroll, 4. Eric Boozel, 5. Ricky Weaver Jr, 6. Justin Williamson, 7. Chirs Anderson, 8. Jarid Fairall, 9. Matthew Duvell, 10. Tyler Stine, 11. Shawn Williamson, 12. Nick McDaniel, 13. Jeff Foster, 14. Matt Chronister, 15. Tyler Denike, 16. Marylyn Runk, 17. Kyler Stahl, 18. Malachi Doyle, 19. Kirklin Strawser, 20. Garrett Lucas, 21. Hunter Flook, 22. Sam Regitz, 23. Clint Heimbaugh, 24. Ryann Betres, 25. Cody Beaver, 26. Steve Delozier, 27. Jim Delozier, 28. Brandon Fisher, 29. Justin Oberlin, 30. Tim Campbell, 31. Lee Zook, 32. Ken Smith, 33. Wayne Brenzie



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